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245747 PHP/MYSQL Existing Script MODs

TimeFrame: A.S.A.P.

Requirements: Knowledge in PHP/MYSQL

Bids Accepted On: Specific MOD #'s or Full Set.


I recently purchased EasySearchDirectory [url removed, login to view] and since the owner's coders are busy I need to outsource some modifications.

I need many many MANY mods for the script, but unfortunately I am low on funds and will have to do it in parts.

Most important right now are mods for the following.


1. Bulk addition of data in MYSQL database (categories / websites / details).

I use Excel so I would prefer a CSV or TAB text input of data. (i.e Category / Website / Name / Description / Contact Info / Extra Details up to 100+ options per website)

Additions can be done externally, however it must not disrupt pre-existing tables as I will adding new additions all the time.


2. Creation of Multiple Genere Details Forms and matching MYSQL Tables.

Since my links have numerous categories, I need separate detailed forms for each category.

I have no problem creating the forms themselves, but I need to integrate these forms values into the script to also ensure that they have editable matching MYSQL tables for each form so that listing owners can edit them after I input them.


3. Bulk account creation. (Again I use Excel for this)

I would like website owners to "confirm/edit" the details I have listed, so I require accounts (usernames / passwords) to be created in bulk again without disruption to previous tables.


4. Bulk Email Confirmations for Listing Owners

After the accounts are created I would like to send a bulk email to website owners asking them to confirm their details by visiting their listing (must be able to edit the listing using their username/password)

I also would like to send out emails to (showing what needs editing/ confirming/ reviewal)

- notice reminders to those who have not edited their listings

- notice reminders to those who have not fully completed their details form.

- notices to all category listing owners when forms have new additional questions that need editing.

- notices to review listings for accuracy at pre-determined intervals (every 3 months...value determined by owner)

- notices to remind owners that domain is expiring (data will be inputted manually and again, optional to owner)

Basically I need create values associated to each account / listing and to be able to send notices to members who's values match.


5. Pre-defined Category Trees and User Searches

I would like to have every page on this website to be accessible within TWO PAGE VIEWS. For the categories which will be several subsections deep (i.e. Accomodations/Europe/France/Paris/Center/Hostels) I'm thinking about "expandable menus", however I am open to ideas since this at DMOZ would take 6 Page Views which is undesirable.

I would also like drop-down [url removed, login to view] the new "Search Assistant" on [url removed, login to view]

With a search selection box appearing below the search with multiple columns to allow for separate types of matching searches (i.e. similar pre-defined searches, similar categories, popular searches, etc)

Would like these ranked by values of search relevance (words matching, words matching in order) search links (links in category) popularity (page views / link clicks in searches/category)

Again I'm just trying to minimize the time spent by the user, along with the amount of pageload they have to incur

On the "result pages" I would also like to display the search results again... as in a carry over if they didn't find what they were looking for, they don't have to type it again.


6. Listing Rankings

All ranks must be weighted individually by rating type / category , etc. and also be searchable by individual rating types, multiple and total combined.


By Form Completion:


Since the details are the most important component on my site, I would like to rank listings based on how much info a listing owner has inputed.

i.e. if they have finished 8 out of 10 details, they get an 80% ratio.

I would also like the addition of


By User Rankings.


Visitors to the website who signed up as a member are allowed to rank not only the website for relevancy, but for service (again more forms/tables will be needed for each category)


By Google Pagerank / Alexa Pagerank


Data most likely will be inputtted manually unless you have easier solution, but needs to sortable by




Again data most likely will be inputtted manually unless you have easier solution, but needs to sortable by


By Additional Ranking Factors


As many as I choose, with determined ranking weight by me

i.e. Recommended Links, Site Participation / Help, etc.


7. [url removed, login to view] integration

I would like to show thumbnail pictures in the listings (small for main page search, larger for the details page) using the [url removed, login to view] interface.

This is fairy simple, I just want a value for the picture in both the search page and the details page.


8. Hidden/Unhidden Search Details

I would like to be able to hide specific details in the search. I.E. Only display (website name / ranking) (website name / short description / ranking) (website name / long description / ranking / thumbnail)


9. Submit Listing

I would like users / website owners to be able to add sites. Anyone should be able to submit a website into any category, however it must be approved by me.

However, only listing owners will be able to submit detailed info while users can only submit the website, name, category, description.

Submissions don't require registration unless they are website owners, however I would like picture verification for personal (visitor/website owner) submissions and also a separate page to allow "robot" listing additions.


10. Website Corrections

I would like a form on each link that allows visitors to state problems with the link / phone number, etc. with this option for members only.











Other Mods I will require in the future.

- All members (not listing owners) to be able to rank website based on relevancy and also for service (seperate forms again for service with maybe 10 questions rated by a slider scale of 1 to 10)

- Members to be browse the web through our website and to be able to add new websites to our engine with a simple click of the mouse and also to add bookmarks to their account as well.

....any many many more...

Unfortunately I have not found anything that matches my purposes which is very fairly simple. I just want a website that I would want to use myself :-)

I also think I will most like deviate from the current script, so I'm open to offers about creating a script equal to Easy Search Directory and would prefer the mods be transferable to the newly developed script.


Offers can be made on ANY section(s) of the mods or as a complete set. I have a budget of $1000 for this round. So anything that can be done for that price, please let me know.

Project/project portions will be given to those who offer the a combination of the lowest price and the fastest turn-around time and I always am welcome to any suggestions / modifications / input on "anything"

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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