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NEEDED: PHP/MySQL script that does the following (note: all front-end HTML and CSS is done already – do not include this in your bid):

1) Allows a new user to create an account by filling in a web form with the following fields:

a. First Name

b. Last Name

c. Email Address

d. Password

e. Captcha

f. This form will be an Aweber form that will create an email autoresponder account (in Aweber) for each user and it will need to also forward the data collected in all of the above fields (Aweber has a Forward Variables feature) and populate that data into the MySQL database on our website to create the new account for each user.

g. It goes without saying that this must all be secure and hacker-safe.

h. The front end HTML and CSS is already done for this form and will be provided to you.

2) There will be another form which will require the new user to fill in some additional information. This information must also be populated into that user's account in our MySQL database. This will be a regular web form (not Aweber) and the front end HTML and CSS is done on this also.

3) Separate from those two form pages (discussed in #1 and #2 above), there will be the main member's site. On this main member's site, there are some pages that can be accessed by any person whether they are registered or logged-in or not (public pages), and there are certain pages that can only be accessed by logged-in registered users (members-only pages). When a user who is not logged-in tries to access the members-only pages, they will be redirected to the login page. Front end HTML and CSS work is done on all these pages.

4) The login page will need to allow users to login using their email address and password, retrieve lost passwords and utilize the “remember me” feature. Front end HTML and CSS work is all done on this page.

5) One of the members-only pages is “My Profile.” This page allows registered users to: 1) see their profile (which is just the information they already entered in the various forms discussed above) and 2) edit and complete their profile whenever they wish.

a. VIEW PROFILE: To show users their profile, their data will need to be pulled from their account in our MySQL database and displayed on the My Profile page when they visit that page. Front-end HTML and CSS work is already done for this page, so I just need you to insert the PHP data variables so the correct data shows up in the right places.

b. EDIT PROFILE: This will just be a web form that will be pre-populated with the user's info that they have given so far, and they will be able to change it as they like and then click on a “Save Changes” button which will save their changes to their account in our MySQL database. If the user has not given data in certain fields, those fields will be blank in this form and the user will be able to fill those in and save that data to their account in our MySQL database.

6) We will also be showing a progress bar that indicates the percentage that a user's profile is complete. I have the front-end images for this, I just need the back-end programmed for it. See attached doc "Figure 1" for example.

7) There will also be a page that allows the user to change his or her password.

ACCESS: I will have all files and the live website set up on a dummy domain that you can access 24/7 with FTP.

TIMEFRAME: 48 hours if possible. If not, please give your best estimate of how long this will take you.

DELIVERABLES INCLUDE: All files AND instructions for use so I can make changes as necessary.

NOTE: I am always looking for long-term partners. If you do EXCELLENT work for me in a reasonable amount of time and charge me a fair price, I will want to work with you again, and I have much more work that will need to be done in the next few months. Thanks for your consideration and your bid.

Skills: Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP

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