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Need help creating a page with a database

I'm a advanced but not professional asp vbcript writer. Recently, I've been wanting to create my websites using newer technology instead of the old school vbscript ways of the past. I have posted on other websites that I would like someone to teach me how to make a simple site page using a database with When I did this posting, people started saying, why would you want to do something stupid like that. Go php and mysql they say. Well I don't know anything about php and have never made a mysql database either.

So my post today, I would like to figure out which way I should go on this. I want to start out making a page that connects to a database. A date field, another field for a name that can pull already existing names from the database for that field and a text field to enter new data and a fourth text field box that pulls all the information about the 2nd field and puts it in date order from newest to oldest. So say you put something into the 3rd field, like "Customer order blah blah blah" and added it to the database it would then show up in the 4th box in order by date for that customer. Then if you need to change something that was messed up in the list on the 4th box and you select it, then it would populate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fields to edit the information correctly.

So starting off, the fields would be

1st field - "Customer" field

2nd field - a name field that came be changed by just adding something to it. just for that customer. Can be added to it on the fly or it would populate the box from information from the database based off the 1st field. So say I decide I want to keep track of requests from that customer. and I can either add "Requests" now if it isn't already in the database for the 2nd field or I can select already existing information that has been used already in the 2nd field.

3rd field - date field, if left blank it would pull current date and time when adding information to the database when posting stuff from the 4th field.

4th field - a blank field, that when you start typing it would auto populate based off information in the database, so if I start typing stuff that it has seen before it would try to help you. So say I start typing "Ph" it might start bringing up "Phone"

4th field - a list of all things ever put into box 3 - master log file. For now listing information by newest date to oldest date. That you can edit by possibly clicking on say a button near the information and then you can edit it and then save it like Facebook's edit feature on comments. I'm also thinking that if information has been edited that you can look at a history of that edit.

Skills: .NET, Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design

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