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549833 Programmer Needed for Bot Dotnet

I am looking for someone to develop a bot / automation program that works on Windows XP / Vista / 7, without the user needing to download any additional software or windows updates. (if they have .net version 2.0, I want the software to still work, without them needing to manually upgrade to 3.5, for example).

The base Browser for this software should be all versions of internet explorer. (I would like for it, if internet explorer is not available on their system, to use their default browser, Firefox or Chrome.. We can discuss this further if this will increase the budget).

This bot will log into 4 different websites (username / password), and repeatedly complete a series of automated actions or "clicks". Some sites may just require a 1 or 2 click loop, some 3 to 4 clicks, 1 of the sites maybe 5. All are simple human mouse clicks that just need to be automated and repeated.

I also will need a tool where I can make edits to the exe file, save it, and have a new version of the program. (this would just involve adding my own hyperlinks to areas of the program. These hyperlinks can be saved in an encrypted file created by the tool)

There may also be a few other options / features requested.. like showing the number of completed actions per website in the current session, and all time. (if doesn't significantly raise development costs.

Program must be thoroughly tested and 100% bug free, clean code. I will also request source / creation files for the program. I expect you to be available to possibly fix any issues in the future that come up.

The technical aspect of this project should be extremely simple for anyone who has experience with bot software and the desired programming languages. There is nothing complex about the program, it simply does repeat mouse clicks online.

I would like the program completed within 96 hours (4 days) from the time of hire. 5 days at the most if you need it. Technical requirements are so simple, I expect an experienced / focused programmer to possibly get it done even quicker. If you cannot guarantee this deadline, suggest your own. If we agree to a deadline and you cannot meet that deadline, you agree that you have voided the contract and you will NOT receive payment. Meeting deadline will not be a problem with anyone experienced with bots, as I will give you a more detailed outline of exactly what to do if hired, and it's straight forward.

You should also agree that I will own 100% of rights to this software as this is a work for hire. I will own the source code, copyright, or any other intellectually property rights in regards to the created software.

Budget for this project is $400. Please be 100% ready to begin the project and confident in your abilities to complete it just by reading this project outline before applying. I Will provide further details of websites to chosen programmer.




Please answer these questions in your cover letter:

1) Why do you think you would be best for this job?

2) What is the ABSOLUTE latest time you can deliver this project, BUG FREE?

3) A link to a website / portfolio showing previous projects you have done.

4) What language do you plan on programming this software in?

5) I need you to acknowledge, and fully communicate here specifically, that you will be able to create this project where anyone with windows xp / vista / 7 can download it, and operate the program without MANUALLY needing to download any other software, like a new .net version, for example.


Skills: .NET, Anything Goes, Editing, PHP

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