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I need serious people who want to make a reasonable bid, begin immediately and do a great job for lots of future work with us to bid. No 2k bids..don't bother! I need an online accessable management system. It will be accessable on our server, to 3 admins with access codes provided. The system will manage a home business downline to ensure the correct people are being paid and at the correct level. No money will be handled by the system! All of that is offline, person to person. This system will JUST track and notify when someone is qualified or not, when they are qualified at what level. Etc. The system should allow an admin to add someone and then be able to remove them, say if they were added but then later actually did not pay, so the spot in the system is removed and if someone was going to be qualified by that sale, they would remain unqualified. Ok our basic structure is a simple 1 up. Joe comes in, his first sale goes to his sponsor, now his second sale and all the first sales of his sales, goes to Joe. However, this is a 2 level 1 up. $1995 and $3895 are the levels. $3,895 full system purchase... 36 month license agreement... one qualifying sale goes to the sponsor, then you earn $3,000 or $1,100 with each subsequent sale. $1,995 12 month license agreement... one qualifying sale goes to the sponsor, then you earn $1,100 with each subsequent sale. You can upgrade for the $1,900 difference plus $500 to the company. Then you must be qualified by another sale at the $3895 level to start to receive full $3,000 profits. Again no money actually is handled by this system, its just tracking.. as I continue :) Now we are adding a third level as well. $[url removed, login to view], which for legal reasons we have to add. But here is the important part. These entries, will not qualify anyone.. they are another layer altogether. They do not actually take a spot under their sponsor until they make 3 sales, qualifying them as a real position in the business (at either $1995 or $3895 depending on the sales they made), then they have to make another sale to really be qualified. Then they operate jus like a real member as laid out above, but until they get a roll up sale to actually get a position, they should just be tracked in the system as belonging to their sponsor. So when a sale does come in for them.. the system would look and say ok. That makes x the $[url removed, login to view] member a real member, they take the spot in the program under their sponsor. And the person who just made them a real spot, goes up to their sponsor. For going over that last part one more time.. They don't have a real position in the $1995 and $3895 roll up system.. They must roll up three $1995 or $3895 sales to their sponsor to become qualified at one level or the other. Or if they do any combination of $1995 and $3895 sales they will be in at the $1995 level. Any $[url removed, login to view] sales they make automatically roll up to the next qualified person at either the 1995 or the 3895 levels. They may upgrade to either license agreement level for the full agreement price. That is handled again outside of the system, but an admin would log in and tell the system they paid, and for which level so now they would bypass the 3 roll up rule and have a real position based on which level they paid to upgrade to. Also note the times given on the terms. When say the $[url removed, login to view] level "member" has been in for 6 months and not qualified or paid up, their $[url removed, login to view] position is put on hold. At whatever level it is, when their license time is up, the admin emails should get a notice and that person should get a notice their term ended and they need to contact PAS admin at x address to arrange for paying license fees. When an admin enters someone into the system, the system should on screen and email the 3 admins with this info: Who is qualified by that sale, if applicable and what level Who gets paid what on this sale (For example I am qualified at $1995 but make a $3895 sale, I get the $1995 and the next qualified member above me, 99% of the time my sponsor, gets the $1900 remaining, but also I am now qualified from then on at the $3895 level too) If someone is added and then later removed from the system because they didnt actually pay so their spot and any qualifications need to be reversed, an admin logs in and removes that member. On screen and in email to the 3 admins we should get notice, x member was removed from the system this means x is no longer qualified (if applicable and at what level they are no longer qualified) I think I have just about covered it all. Its just tracking and notifying the 3 admins of what each member added or removed means to the system and the cash from sales coming in. On each member we have information we collect and need to keep in this database. For viewing the database or a particular persons database viewing only username is fine, but we need the database to hold all the member data. Here are the fields: Date Of Entry: Direct Sponsors User ID: (this is the direct seller, may be the real sponsor if the sponsor is qualified, your system will figure that out and fill out the next field) Real Sponsor Id: (This is put in by the system, this is who their real qualified upline is, if their sponsor wasn't qualified, the real sponsor will always be the higher level sponsor, ie if I am qualified at $1995, and make a $3895 sale, I am now qualified at $3895, but the person who qualified me has my sponsor as their real sponsor because they were qualified at the higher level when they came in) Name: Street Address 1: Street Address 2: City: State or Province: Postal Code: Country: Phone Number: website name: (this is their userid or username) password: Company Name (If applicable): Brixdale ID Number (If A Member): Second program you want to market: other program website: Level of entry into PAS 3895 or 1995: (which level did they pay to enter at) E-mail Address: PayPal Email Address: Ok and two last things. When your programming is done, I will send you our access database of all members (Just about 150 now so don't worry!) You will enter them and then give us access so we can indeed see its tracking correctly and up to the minute, up to date. And lastly.. we want this done in about 3 hours. LOL ok that was a slight joke, but we are way past needing this system and need it very seriously ASAP. Thank you! Brian O PS: NO UPFRONT PAY! Will put money into escrow but WILL NOT send money in good faith The system must track: dates of purchase level of purchase (currently 3 levels) date of becoming qualified and by whom date of upgrade from level 1 to level 2 (and from [url removed, login to view] to level 1 or 2) date of unsubscription to our optins date of resubscription email addresses, phone numbers, street address country paypal email address user id password system website address Brixdale ID number, if any secondary program name secondary program website secondary program autoresponder person whose site they responded to person they paid (their sponsor) people who have not been qualified within 90 days of entry, 120 days of entry people who reach 6 months, 9 months, 10 months, 11 months 12 months without earning double their initial purchase amount When somone purchases, it must tell us who is to get paid and how much. In most cases just one person is to be paid either $1,100 or $3,000, depending upon the purchase level. However, if someone qualified at the 1,995 level makes a $3,895 sale, they get 1,100 and their qualfiied sponsor gets the other $1,900. We must be able to put a member's name into the system and get back all his information, including who gets paid if he makes a 3895 sale or a 1995 sale. We must be able to sort the data according to any of the entries above When someone fills out our new member data form, all those fields of information should automatically upload into this management system so they will not have to be re entered. Not this project but next job will be to take this system and tie it into the xflow wsr system ([url removed, login to view]) or..if impossible, replicate all the needed functions of the xflow system and attach to this system for members back office's to be accurate and have this information. (needed utiities: homepage rotator, website replicator with unlimited different types based upon member type (a plexpay member would have a plexpay replicated website). Please bid and comment on integrating with xflow or creating needed utilities to wrap around this management system for the websites and member back office utilities. Ok and finally.. a complete prospect traking system info will be posted next. This is part of this project. This will track each lead that comes in, allow an admin to assign that lead to a particular sub admin for follow up, have members login and see the status of all the leads that came in from their website, etc. Must be a nice glossy application at end for people to see their leads and glossy and nice for admins to use 24/7 to track/assign, and communicate with leads and the members who the leads are for.. full details next.

Skills: Anything Goes, Data Entry, Perl, PHP, Script Install, Website Design

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