PERL Login Session


PERL Code required to add session login to existing website. It currently takes teh username and password in and makes sure that it is in database before allowing user to login. However, I wish to create a session so that when users login they can skip to different pages in their private login area without having to re-enter their password each time. It is preferred not to use cookies if possible If its possible to store details in database rather than in cookies I can help. If it is essential to use cookies then that is ok and you can use cookies. Security: It is extremely important that everything is extremely secure and hacker resistent to the highest possible standard.

## Deliverables

1) PERL code to create PERL session once username and password have been verified. 2) The session expires after 15 minutes of non-action (ie if the user logs in but leaves his PC for 15 minutes when he comes back he must login again to create a new session). 3) If any MYSQL work is required to look after storing session ID etc I can do that. 4) All code must be commented in great detail.

## Platform

PERL IN Internet browser: MYSQL or cookies or both may also be required. Its up to you.

Skills: Perl, PHP

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