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We are doing a project in PrestaShop and we have a requirement for which we have not found any module (we think that it does not exist) We are not expert

in PrestaShop developping, so we are lloking for someone able to program the functionallity we need.

On a schematic way, the problem is: The products we will sale in our website are merchandising products which can be customized (for instance, pens on which a logo

can be silkscreened) There are many ways to customize the product (for instance, with one or two colours). So far, no problem, because we are talking about

"product combinations" and PrestaShop supports this functionality. The problem is that the impact on the price of each of the combinations is not fixed (not a

fixed amount or a fixed percentage), but ranges depending on the amount of products. This "impact on the price depending on the type of combination and quantity of

items to customize" is in addition to the "impact on the price depending on how many products 'base' (ie without personalization) and have already met with

dithering of prices depending on the amount PrestaShop allows to define the 'base' product. At the end of this post there is a clarifying example.

We need a budget to develop this functionality. If you know any existing module to solve this problem, your job will be to verify that the module will meet our

needs without problems, install the module and test it.




Quantity of products 'Base' price

===================== ============

0 - 500 5,00 €/unit

501 - 5000 4,00 €/unit

> 5000 3,00 €/unit

PRICE INCREASE DEPENDING ON CUSTOMIZATION'S TYPE (for instance, 1 color silkscreen or 2 colors silkscreen):

Quantity of products 1 color silkscrenn 2 colors silkscreen

===================== ================== ===================

0 - 1000 +0,15€/unit +0,30€/unit

1001 - 2000 +0,10€/unit +0,20€/unit

> 2000 +0,05€/unit +0,15€/unit

For instace, if the user buys 1.000 pens with a 2 colors silkscreen, the total price will be:

'Base' product: 4,00*1000 = 4.000€

Customization: 0,30*1000 = 300€

---------------- ------

TOTAL: 4.300€

Skills: PHP, Prestashop

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