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Budget $500 - $5000 USD
Bids 22
Average Bid $1694

We are looking for a custom-built content management system (with an integrated PayPal payment system) written in PHP/MySQL and HTML. At this time we are primarily looking for solid backend development, so all HTML output can be styled very simply with a basic CSS file.

Our users will be less tech savvy than average, so this CMS should be simple enough that they can easily manage it on their own. In general, we expect fairly low traffic volumes on each individual user's website but the potential remains that the occasional site will become popular and need to be able to handle high traffic.

## Deliverables

**Here's what our clients' sign-up and installation process should be like:**

1) Our clients will start out by navigating to the sign-up form on our main website/storefront. They will be allowed to search for a domain name for their website via a simple whois lookup. They will not be able to continue with the signup until they come up with an available domain name.

2) After a suitable domain is found, they will be asked to input a username, contact info, and billing information; choosing from a few billing options like monthly, trimonthly, yearly, etc. After submitting this information, their credit card will be charged and they'll receive an automated confirmation email telling them that their site is in the process of being set up.

3) At this point several things need to happen (automated would be nice, but manually is fine as well);

A) their domain will be purchased

B) a root folder will be created for their domain on our shared hosting account

C) their domain will be pointed to that folder

D) a database will be created for the CMS.

E) the CMS will be installed to their root folder

4) Once the CMS install is complete, they should receive an automated email that includes a link to the administrative section of their website, a reminder of their username, and a randomly generated password. On their first visit to their website, they'll be instructed to input some basic information about their website (like a title and site description).

5) For every CMS created, we should be sent an administrative password so we can access these websites as well. In addition, If steps 3 and 4 are automated, we should receive an email at each stage of the process.

**Here's what our clients' admin panel should consist of:**

The admin panel will have several tabs across the top for navigation. There will be six tabs total.

The first tab will be an ?€œOverview?€ tab which will act as the home page for the admin panel. It will give them stats about their website and display messages and announcements from us (via rss feed).

The next two tabs will control the content on their website. One will allow them to create and edit blog posts, and the other will allow them to create and edit their image gallery. You can think of these two tabs as ways for the client to publish and edit two separate ?€œblogs?€ within one website - one blog is focused on images, however, while the other is a typical written blog.

The fourth tab will be a general ?€œSite Setup?€ tab, allowing users to change their website's title and description, swap out their site template, add new links to the sidebar of their website, and edit a few static pages on their site (like the ?€œAbout Page?€ for instance).

The fifth tab will be ?€œTips and Turials?€ and will contain a section of articles written by us that will help our clients use their website effectively.

The sixth and final tab will contain all of the client's account information (billing info, paypal info, when their next payment is due, etc).

**Here's what our clients' website will consist of:**

Each website will have 3 main parts: a few important pages (such as the home page, about page, and contact page), a section for their ?€œimage?€ blog, and a section for their ?€œregular?€ blog.

There will also be category pages for both the ?€œimage?€ blog and ?€œregular?€ blog, with links to all ?€œimage?€ posts or ?€œregular?€ posts in that category.

**The homepage will include:**

- the title of the website across the top, with a tagline directly underneath it

- a few image thumbnails that link to image posts (the most recent images posted or ones selected by the client).

- excerpts from a few of the latest blog posts, that will link to those posts.

- a list of all the image blog categories (in the sidebar)

-a list of all their regular blog categories (also in the sidebar)

- an image/logo chosen by the client, along with a brief excerpt taken from the ?€œAbout Page?€ and a ?€œread more?€œ link that leads to the ?€œAbout Page?€

- various other static links pointing to important pages, either in the sidebar or footer.

**The ?€œimage?€ blog section will include:**

- A group of image thumbails (with the image title underneath) that will each link to a specific image post

- a list of all the image blog categories (in the sidebar)

- a search bar to search for image posts by keyword

- ?€œnext?€ and ?€œprevious?€ links to navigate to the next 9 images (or the previous 9 images)

- an image/logo chosen by the client, along with a brief excerpt taken from the ?€œAbout Page?€ and a ?€œread more

link that leads to the ?€œAbout Page?€

- 1 excerpt from the latest blog post, that will link to that blog post.

- various other static links pointing to important pages, either in the sidebar or footer.

**The ?€œregular?€ blog section will identical to the home page, except for the following differences:**

- more excerpts will be shown.

- the client's blogroll will appear in the sidebar.

?€œ**Image?€ category pages will be nearly identical to the ?€œimage?€ blog section defined above.**

?€œ**Regular?€ category pages will be nearly identical to the ?€œregular?€ blog section defined above.**

**Individual ?€œimage?€ posts or ?€œregular?€ posts will be nearly identical as well, but display only one post.**

**Extra information:**

While all pages and blog posts will be dynamically generated by the CMS, they will still need to have SEO/Human friendly urls, whether through htaccess or other means. In other words, they should like this: [url removed, login to view] rather than this: [url removed, login to view]

URLs should be taken directly from the title of a page, minus any symbols or words like ?€œand?€ or ?€œthe?€.

If a client goes back and edits a post later on, an automatic redirect should be created so that the old url points to the new url.

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  • aanithasl Profile Picture
  • vw6940283vw Profile Picture



    ## BIO We have great team of skilled developers with variety of IT skills. We develop complex web sites, web application and desktop applications for our clients, with quality and punctuality at the first place. Projects are driven by requirements from client. As team leader I have a lot of experience as developer and team leader. I worked for few companies in Poland (i.e.,, but also for English company Orbis Software Ltd. ( Currently I am a team leader of this group and work in Dutch company Newtel Essence B.V. ( Members of our team are very experienced developers/webmaster, who developed variety of different systems/applications, i.e.: • • • (last days of development) • (bookmakers forum) • • • • • • • • (lightning) • (hydraulics) • • • • • • • • And much more. Facebook applications: • ZocDoc Appointment Book ( Examples of layouts made by our webmasters: • • • • Most of developers are from Poland, so most of those sites are in Polish language. You can at least look at the layout and design. ## Area of Expertise HTML/CSS JavaScript/Ajax PHP (4 and 5) Smarty (template engine) Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL Graphic/design: Photoshop, Flash ASP.NET VB, VB.NET, C#, .NET Framework

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • xenonartws Profile Picture


    Bucharest,  Romania

    <br>## BIO<br><br> <br><br> <br>* * *Romtekwebsolutions is a software development company established in 2001 and focused mostly on Internet related applications development. <br><br>* * *Our area of expertise includes:<br><br> <br> <br>Enterprise Resources Planning <br>Customer Relationship Management <br>E-commerce Solutions <br>Content Management Systems <br>Portal Applications <br>Extranet / Intranet Client <br>Cd Presentation <br>...and more. <br>* * *<br><br> <br>Below you will find some of our projects: <br> <br>PHP+ MySQL / PostgreSQL: <br> <br>[][1] <br> [][2] <br><a href= \"\_2.php\">\_2.php</a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br>[][3] <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br>[][4] <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br>  <br>  <br>Some Flash projects: <br>[][4] <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><> <br>[][5] <br>  <br>  <br>OScommerce <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br><> <br><a href= \"\"></a> <br>  <br>  <br> <br><br><br>## Area of Expertise<br><br>Database: Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, Other (Database) <br>Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Baan, Oracle, Peoplesoft, SAP <br>Gaming: Game Development, Gaming clan sites, Mods <br>Graphics / Art / Music: Artwork, Graphics: 3d Modeling;3d Animation; Adobe AfterEffects; Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Premiere;Logo Design;MultiMedia; <br>Language Specific: Assembly / Machine language; ASP; ASP .NET; C#; C++ / C; Carbon (Mac OS); Cocoa / Obj-C; Cold Fusion; Delphi; Java; Javascript; JSP; Perl; Postscript; Python; PHP; Ruby; SAS; XML/XSL; Visual Basic: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA); Visual Basic .Net; Visual FoxPro; Other; <br>Misc: CAD; Data Entry; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Middleware; <br>Project Management; Technical Management; Requirements; Security; Testing / Quality Assurance; Training: Computer Based; <br>Web: Flash; Marketing: Search Engine Optimization; Other (Marketing); Page / Site Design: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Prototype / Model; XML / XHTML; Web Services; Other (Web);

    Data Entry, Wireless, Engineering, and Electronics

  • jkmcoders Profile Picture


    gurgaon,  India

    We are competent team of management professional specialising in business development, media management, lead generation, internet research, business research, data management, excel spread sheet, powerful powepresentaions. Customer management,appointment booking, email management, sales management, internet promotion.

    Data Processing, Data Entry, Research, and Telemarketing

  • sysintel Profile Picture



    ## BIO ** :: Profile **Team of professional Designers and Developers having experience of over 8 years in developing and managing small, medium & large web and windows-based mission-critical business applications, well versed with complete SDLC implementation with OOAD, SQA processes and techniques, project deployment on Windows 2000/2003 server and Linux Servers using Terminal Services and SSH Telnet. Diverse expertise in dynamic and interactive e-commerce website design and development - including configuration and deployment, using PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, ASP/.NET 1.1/2.0/3.x, SOA based WebServices, C#, VB.NET and similar latest tools and languages. Also, hands-on experience in Multi-tier database application development in Visual Basic, ADO, COM+, SQL Server, MS Access, Crystal Reports, ERP solutions like MS Navision, BPM and Workflow tools like webMethods, etc. Provided solutions to large US, UK, Australian & Canadian based companies for E-Commerce Solutions, Corporate Web Application Development,  Document Indexing, Image Acquisition, OCR, Workflow Management and MOSS & WSS. ## Area of Expertise **EXPERTISE:** E-Commerce, Web Content Scrapping, ETL Systems, Data Migration & Replication, Accounts & Inventory, Business Automation, E-Learning, Online Trade, Content Management, Portal Development (Community Server, DNN, Joomla, etc.), BPM – webMethods (IS development & integration) ** TECHNICAL SKILLS: **PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL .NET 1.1/2.0/3.x, C#.NET, VB.NET, VB 6.0, ASP/ASP.NET, Java, Solr, COM+, Ruby on Rails, Python, SOAP, Web Services, Design Patterns, Remoting, XML, XSLT, AJAX, Web 2.0, SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access, Crystal Reports, UML, MS Navision, webMethods **WEB DESIGN SKILLS: **Adobe Photoshop, Flash MX/CS3, ActionScript, Flex, Corel Draw, Freehand, DHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript **TOOLS, FRAMEWORKS & CMS: **Zend Studio, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio .NET 200x, Zend Framework, Django, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Cre-Loaded, PHP Nuke, Joomla, Moodle, PHP Post, Drupal, Community Server, Dot Net Nuke (DNN), Ektron, phpBB, vBulletin. **PLATFORMS: **IIS, Windows 200x, Linux (fedora, ubuntu, redhat), Apache 2.x

    Logo Design, Web Security, Project Management, and SEO

  • sunjove Profile Picture


    United Kingdom

    ## BIO <u>**Our Developed Web Applications are: **</u> • Static and Dynamic Site • Restaurant Management system • E-Accounting System • Online Banking System • Property Searching Application • Student Management System • Shopping Cart ( CS cart, Zen cart, X cart, also Customized cart ) • OS-Commerce/E-Commerce • SMS Sending System • Forum ( PHPBB/Customized )  • Blog Site  • Community/Social Network Site  • Online Money Transfer system  • Customized Modules  • and more...  **<u>Our Developed desktop Softwares are:</u> ** •Inventory + Accounting Software (Using .NET). •Hospital Management System (HMS). (Using VB and .NET) •Restaurant Management System. ( .NET ) •SMS and FAX sending system ( .NET ) •Banking Software. (Using VB also .NET) •Network Controller (Wireless). (Using VB) •35MHz wireless controller for PC (Any kind of key can be controled). •Security with Laser Software. •Audio Controller Software. •Desktop synchronization Software. •Video and Audio Player. (Using VB) •DVD Management Software (Easy to find and see the available DVD’s). •VB FTP software for upload files (Using VB) •Address Book (Using VB) •Talking Software (Using VB). •Voice Command Software (in C#). •Travel Agency’s Software (Using VB). •Karnugh Map Minimizer Software (Its an Excelent software for EEE & CSE students). •Room Management System (This System can use for control the fan, light, and other necessary switch, it also controlled remotely). •Traffic Control System using C++. •Water Label Detection System.  *<u>**DISCOVER what we can do for you.** </u>* ## Area of Expertise ***<u>Programming Languages </u>*** *For Web Development* • **PHP ** • **Java Script, Ajax, Mootools **• **HTML, XML, DHTML **• **MYSQL ( DataBase ) ** *For Desktop Software Development* • **Visual Basic, .NET **• **C/C++, ** • **MSSQL ( DataBase ) ** **<u>Designing Tools </u>** • **Adobe PhotoShop **• **Adobe Illustrator **• **Adobe Go live** **<u>Animation Tools </u>** • **Flash **• **Swish Max 2007 ** **<u>Audio & Video Effects Tools </u>** • **Sony Sound Froge 9 **• **Fruit Loops** • **Adobe Premiere** ** ** <u>**Others **</u>• **Server Configuration **• **Articles Writing** • **Advertising & Consultancy **

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • leadnex Profile Picture


    Lahore,  Pakistan

    A professional webdevelopment and webdesign company in market to provide out of box diversity in busuiness to our valueable customers. Leadnex comes here with an attitude to work in quality to gain and retain customers. Please check my personal portfolio. My work has been featured on behance Check my website

    PHP, ASP, .NET, and Website Design

  • helvivw Profile Picture


    Russian Federation

    ## BIO A highly experienced professional, working over 7 years as an Information Services Executive, proficient in programming and project management. I am your liason to a team of expert coders based in Ishim, Russian Federation, specializing in web and web-tied solution development, which is able to perform any programming need, from real estate site to fully-featured forex trading platform. Here are some samples of our work you can view: * <a href= ""></a> * <a href= ""></a> * <a href= ""></a> * <a href= ""></a> * <a href= ""></a> * <a href= ""></a> * <a href= ""></a> * <> * <a href= ""></a> ## Area of Expertise * Delphi * WinAPI * php * Flash * ActionScript * SQL * XML * CSS * AJAX * UI design * Drupal * Wordpress * Network protocols, Sockets * Windows Media

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • arkotechvw Profile Picture



    ## BIO Established in 2001, Arkotech provides unique business solutions for client’s world wide. We offer a range of products and services at very competitive rate, with total commitment to client satisfaction. Our expertise quality is excellent, both on the Windows and Linux platforms. We specialize in small and medium sized projects (3 to 6 months) with quick turn around. Arkotech ensures quick and cost effective development through the use of open source technology. Decades of combined experience allows the top management to understand the client’s requirements and deliver top quality services and products. The foundations of our success are: • Seasoned Project Management Skills. • Innovative Analysis Methodologies. • Excellent English Communication Skills. • Professional and up-to-date Technical Expertise. • Vision for Long Term relationships with our customers. We deliver quality and reliability. Precisely we offer exactly what you need. ## Area of Expertise Our expertise quality is excellent, both on the Windows and Linux platforms. We specialize in small and medium sized projects (3 to 6 months) with quick turn around. We have skilled teams of talented developers in latest technologies such as: Liferay, (Sun/AIX/Linux), .ASP, .NET, C#, compact framework, environment, Framework, Project, programmer, Remoting, windows, services, 16-bit, C, 2000, Server/Advanced, 2000/XP/2003, 2003, WDM, 2d/3d design, 2k, 32-bit, 3D, animation, Design, script, Engines, Graphics, Modeling, Studio Max, StudioMax, 3dsmax, 8031, 8051, 8086, 95, 98, A+, ABAP, ABAP/4, Access, add-ins, accounting, invoicing sys, Acrobat, Action script, Active Directory, Object-Oriented, Active Perl, Active Server Pages, Active X, Active Threed, Control, ActiveX, Plug-in, ActiveX/COM APIs, AcuVoice, ADO, ADO.NET, Adobe, After Effects, Go Live, CS, Image Ready, In Design, PageMaker, Photoshop, Premier, ADOX, ADSI, Advance Networks, Advantage, AIX, Alchemy Catalyst, Algorithms, Allaire JRun, Alpha, ANSI C, ANSYS, Apache, mod\_alias, API, DBF, APIs, App Forge, Apple, Applet, Development, Integration, level, application, security, Skins, Applications, architecture, pal, ArcIMS, Arc, Objects, SDE, ARM SDT, ARP, Art Direction, AS/400, ASIC, ASM, MASM, ASP, vbscript, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Jscript, JSP, PHP, Mail, ASPX, Assembler, x86, I80x86, assembling, Assembly, (8085), ATG Dynamo, ATL, ATL/COM, ATL/WTL, Audio, compression, Audio/Signal Processing, Authorization, Data Protection, Authorware, Automation, systems, AVR Ethernet, AW Maya 6.0, awk, Axialis Icon Workshop, back end, web, Back-End, banking relationships, Banner, Basic, BAT files, Batch Files, BC++ 3.1, BDE, Bea, M3, Tuxedo, WebLogic, Beans, BeOS, Berkeley DB, Beta, bind, BIOS & DOS interrupts, Biz Talk, Blitz3D, BlitzBasic, Bloodshed Dev-C++, Booch, bookkeeping, bootp, BORLAND, Builder, Delphi, (VCL), Jbuilder, Kylix, Linux, Pascal, BoundsChecker, BpWin, Certified, Brainbench, broadcast conferencing, Browser Helper Objects, Bryce, Bugtracking, Builder 6, Business Consulting, process improvement, language, Metrowerks Codewarior, Sharp, Standard, Library, Mono, VB.NET, Builder, C/C++, MSVC6.0, Visual Basic, CodeWarrior IDE, compilers, Microsoft VC++6.0, MFC, ATL, STL, managed, VC, (Win32/Linux), C++, 4/5/6, RADs, client side, COM+, Win32C++/Java, CADDS5, Calendar, Widget, calendars, Carbon, CASL, Catena Networks, CATIA, CBuilder, CCAI, CCNA, CDO, CDONTS, CE, CE.NET, Certificates:, CF, CFMX, CGI, Character Studio, Chats, Cisco, Citrix, Clarion, classic, ClearCase, Client Server, Client/Server, clients, Client-Server, Client-side scripting, Clipper, CMIP, COBOL, COBRA, Cocoa, code remediation, codec, CodeWarrior, Mac, Coding languages, Coldfusion, COM, Add-ins, DLLs, COM/ActiveX, COM/COM+, COM/DCOM, COM+, Comm. IO, command line utility, commercial application, communication, communications, Compilers for Math expressions, Complex, Technologies, Components, Computer, analytic computations, Fundamentals, port (COM / LPT), Computer Science, telephony, computers, CompuWare BoundsChecker, concept, Configuration, Management, Configure Samba, Connectivity, console, constituent segmentation analysis, cookies, Cool Edit, CORBA, Corel Draw, CorelDraw, Corporate Identity, CP/IP/UDP, CP/M, Cracking, problem solving, Creative, Credit-card, Crescent QuickPak Profession, CRM, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Crypto, cryptography, Crystal Reports, 8.0/9.0, CSocket, Csound, CSS, DHTML, CSS/SSI, Custom, localization tool dev, network communication, software, spooler compo, CVI, CVS, cygwin, DAO, DarkBasic, Darktree, data acquisition, analysis, Conversion, Dynamics ActiveReports, Entry, sources, Data structures, Database, class libraries, web sites, front-end, integration, intensive, relations, Database-driven, Databases, ODBC, databasing, DB, DB2, Dbase, DBLIB, DBMS, DCOM, DCOM servers, DDK, DEC, Decompiling, DeepPaint, DejaVu, delegation, Delphi, Pascal, code for 9x, components, WIN32, Delphi/Object, Delphi/Win32, Delphi5 and MSVC6.0, design/development., designing user Interfaces., desktop, Distributed, publishing, utilities, Dev Primavera P3, real-time simulation, developed applications, develop, drivers, firmware, developer, integration, extensions, phone, hardware, device, DevTrack, DHCP, DHTML, Dialogic Card, Digi Design ProTools, Digital, certificates, Color Experts, Imaging, Performer, Signal Processing, TV, Direct X, Director, Director/Lingo, DirectShow, DirectX, Direct-X, 7.0+/OpenGL, DirectX/DirectShow, discussion groups, DLL, Dlls, DLL's, DNS, DOM, DOM/SAX Parsers, Domino Designer, DOS, DOS/C, DOTNET/C# and Perl, DR DOS, Dreamweaver, driver, DSDM, DSL, DSP, DTS, DTS packages, Dynamic, driven, Dynamic HTML, EAI, E-Business, Eclipse, ECMA, Ecommerce, e-commerce, EJB, Elan Speech, email, E-MAIL, forwarder, hosting and integration, embedded, devices, system, Encoder/Decoder pairs for Vi, Encryption, Energy consumption and production, enterprise, Environments, EPL, EPOC, ER diagrams, ER Studio, ERStudio 3.5, ErWin, ERwin 4.0, eSendMail, e-shop, etc, Ethernet, event logging, EVEREST ERP implementation, Exceed 4.0, Excel, Exchange, SMTP servers, Exchange/ListServer Mailing, FarPoint Spread, Flat FASM, fax, File, filtering routers, Final Cut Express, financial transactions, FINGER, FireBird, firewall, firewalls, Fireworks, Flash, Flash., Fmod 3D, foreign import procedures an, Forensic packet monitoring u, Formula One First Impression, Fortran, Micros, forwarding, Foxpro, Free DOS, FreeBSD, Freehand, Frontpage, FTP, FTP/TFTP, WU-ftpd, Game, Engineering, Games, gcc, toolchain, GDI, GDI+, General data/text/image comp, Genetic, Algorithms, Gif Movie Gear, GIS, Globalization process consulting, GNU, GOF and GRASP Design Pattern, Google Appliance, GPS, Graphic Design, graphic designer., Graphic Processing 2D, Graphical user interface, Graphics, Graphics localization, Great Plains, group conferencing, GUI, guru, GWBASIC, Hacking, Handheld, install and troubleshoot, Hayes modem, Hibernate, HomeSite 4.0, HP, HP Vee, HP-UX, HSQLDB, htaccess, HTC, HTML, Sun, JavaScript, Java-Script, HTML/DHTML, CSS/DOM, HTML-help, HTTP, I/O interfacing, i80x86, IBM, MQ series, MQSeries, PC, Tom Cat, VisualAge 3.02, WebSphere, AD, IBManager, ICMP, Icon Design, Icons, IDE, IDEF0, IE, Internet Explorer, IGMP, Ignacio's, IIS, Internet Information Server, ILASM, Illustration, Traditional, Illustrator, Image Optimization, Image processing, Imageready, IMAP, IMAP4, implementation, Authentication, InDesign, index rebuilding, Index Server 3.0, Infomaker, Information Exchanges, information system professional, Informix, Infrastructure, Ingres, Inno Setup, InnoSetup, Innovation DDK, Install Shield, Installable, InstallShield, Intel 8031/8051, Intel 8080/Z80, Intel Signal Processing Library, Interactive Voice Response s, Interbase, Firebird, Interbase/Firebird, interface graphics, Internationalization training, Internet, Interface, plugins, toolbars, testing/development, Tools, Internet/Intranet, Interprocess communications, intrusion detection, Inventory control/point of s, ions from Intel, IP, ipfw, IPlanet, IPX/SPX, IRC, Irix, Isam, ISAPI, (Internet Information), ISP connectivity, ISpace 1.5, IT consulting for local ISP', ITP Filter Pack, J#, J/Vb, J2EE, EJB, Web-Logic, J2ME, J2SE, Jabber, Java, [Swing], AWT, Beans, ME, SE, shop, SWING, Java/JavaScript, JavaBeans, Javascript., JAXP, Jboss, Jbuilder, JDBC, JDEdwards, JET, Jet-Letter, JFC (Swing 1.0), JINI, JMail, JMS, JNDI, JNI, jpeg, JS, Jscript, JSP, JSP/Jservlet, JXTA, Kerberos, Kernel, Kilyx, Kinetix 3D Max, KQML, L2TP, LAN and WAN, LAN/WAN, Multi-threading, Larcom and Young Resize OCX, LDAP, Lightwave 8.0, Lingo, (SunOne ASP), Solaris., RedHat, RH, Linux., Linux/Solaris, Linux/UNIX, Linux/Win32, LISP, LiveScript, Load Runner, Localization, Testing, Logo, Branding, Lotus Notes, low, routines, Lua, MAC, OS, OS X, platforms, U/I design, PPC, Macintosh, MacOS 7/8, Authorware, Backstage, Director, Macromedia, Homesite, Magic Enterprise 8.0, mail distribution (LISTSERV), Main, Mainframe, manage DNS, Mandrake, MAPI, MAPI32, Maple, market, Marketing, analysis and planning, Analysis Application, Markup languages, MASM, masm32, MATLAB 6.5.1, Maxon Cinema 4D, Maya, MCP, MCSD, ME, Media Cleaner Pro, Medical practice, MetaCard, MFC, API., MFC Applications, support, MFC/WTL, MGCP/RTP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microangelo Studio, microcode, Microsoft, Access, Unix, CDO for NTS, Microsoft Certified, Solution, Solutions, Dev Studio 6.0, DNA, Exchange Server, IIS, Macroassembler MASM, Managements Consol, Office, Word, Add-ons, P2P, Sites, Server, SQL, VC 1.2, Visual Studio, Microsoft.NET, MIDL Microsoft Interface Development language, minidev, MIPs assembly, Miraplacid, Text Driver, MLS (IDX Integration), MMC, Snap-Ins, MMS, MMX, Computing, MobileVB, mod\_auth, mod\_perl, mod\_php4, ModelMaker, Modems, Modula2, Motorola 6800/68000, Mozilla, mpeg, MQ Series, MQ-Series, MS, 7-2000, mbd-file, Commerce Server, Excel, FrontPage, server-side script, Message Queue, Paint,Terminal, Transaction Server, VC++, VC6.0, Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual C++, J++, Visual Modeler Erwin/ERX, Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, 3.x/95/98/2000/20, 98/2000/ XP, Forms, XP/2000/NT/95/98/, MS/PC DOS, MSAccess, MS-Access, MSAccess/MSOffice, MS-DOS., MSF, MSHTML, MSJSDK, MSMQ, MSN, MSSQL 7.0/2000, Interbase, KDevelopment, MSSSL, MSVC, MSVC language, MSVC++ 6.0, MSVFP6, MSXML2, MTS, multi-language utilities, Multilingual content, multimedia, educational, CD, Command Interface, Presentations, Multiplatform applications, multiprocess, Multipurpose, Multithreaded, Multi-Threaded, Multi-threading, Music Composition and Sound, namespaces, Native, NT, Firebird, needs analysis, Net Objects Fusion, NetAP, Netbeans, Netbeens, NetBEUI, Netscape, Navigator, network, host assessments, architecture design, Monitor, protocols, security, firewalls, sockets, Network/Internet related app, Network+, networked, Networking, Ethernet, OS -Windows 95-M, Networks communication, nfs, NICs, nix, nMS Visual C++, Nomad2 on IBM, non-compressed jpegs, Non-standard, notebook, Novell, NSAPI, NSBasic, NSLock, NT, DDK, NT/2000/XP, NT4.0/2000/XP, N-Tier architecture, Nullsoft installer, NuMega BoundsChecker, SoftICE, Numega SoftIce for , Object Orientation, Object Oriented, Object Pascal, Objective C, C++/MFC, Objective-C. 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    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

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    Dhaka,  Bangladesh

    Dorothy Soft is a software development company based in Bangladesh offering offshore software development, software outsourcing and web development services.Always keeps open eyes for its quality products. We offer custom software development, web development outsourcing services from Bangladesh. Working with the best in Bangladesh, Dorothy Soft is a professionally managed Corporate Group offering a wide array of expertise to both the corporate and service sectors. Dorothy Soft has made significant inroads into specialized and turn-key software services and product development. The in-house skills and infrastructural strengths and talents of our Technology Resources are unique in making software work for our client's optimal benefit. Dorothy Soft has ascendancy in providing reliable alternatives to progressive and established business and organizations. The success of Dorothy Soft is built on a true comprehension of what clients require and the aptness to deliver it. Dorothy Soft has the articulate and comprehensive solution to all your needs. Industry Experience: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Other Leisure, Information Technology, Software, Hardware, Electronics, Real Estate, Insurance, Retail, Wholesale.

    PHP, ASP, Javascript, and XML