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Im looking to create an Iphone app for a card game, with a company that just started out . We're hoping that the app might be the best way to get the much needed attention for the product that we have out.

Im looking for bids on for this app and suggestions on what will be needed to make the game more attractive , as an app.

Basically i need a card game app that allows you to shuffle, draw cards and hide your card if needed.

Impressive bids and jobs may be retained , to produce the same product for other phone platforms in the future.


## Deliverables

I'm looking to create an Iphone application that will ultimately be submitted to the apple store .

The app should have a shuffle feature that possibly vibrates when the phone is shaken or a button is pushed . The more creative , the better .

The instructions on? each card surface will be provided after? the bid has been accepted and before the project gets initiated. ? ?

The app would be for a card game whose rules are as follows.

### You will need:

### (1) or more decks? ? cards (preferably one deck per app, but im open to suggestions as to what a 2 deck game in one app would entail)

### (2) or more people

### Drinks



The instructions for the game are quite easy, however, the game is very challenging!

The game starts by dealing the entire deck out to each player. Before the game starts, decide if you are going to take turns in a clockwise or counter clockwise position. Shuffling the cards before each game is recommended, but not necessary.

The player to the left of the dealer begins (unless going in a counter-clockwire position. In that case, the first player would be to the right of the dealer).

Note: If the card isn't applicable to a two person game, simply use the next card. In this case, the player's turn would not get skipped. They must choose to play another card.

### There are fifty-two cards in total. Four cards are described below:


| ? | ? |

| Cool Topics | The player of this card chooses a topic (written on the card). The next player starts by naming a word related to the topic chosen. The turn ends when someone is unable to answer within five seconds. At that point, the player must take two drinks.

Topics are suggested as a guideline. You may pick any topic or pick one of the suggested topics. |

| Ice Drinks | Everyone in the group, including the player of this card, must take a drink for each ice cube contained in their drink. If the whole group does not have ice in their drink, everyone must take a drink.

If there is a piece of ice that is almost fully melted, it still counts as an ice cube. Pieces of ice broken off ice cubes do not count. |

| Questions Only | The group must act out a scene by only saying questions. The next person must continue the conversation with another question. The first player to say a sentence that is not a question within three seconds, must take two drinks. |

| Torture Card | Each time someone plays a card, you additionally pick someone to take a drink. You may pick the same player each turn, or spread the drinks around the table. Keep this card until one full round of the player circle. Discard into the pile afterwards.

Note: This card is not applicable for a game of two players. |

Many more cards with different features are included with the game! Other featured cards are "Jugs or Chugs", "No Answers", "Steal Card", "Alphabetical Drinks", "Kiss or Drink", "Single Dare or Drink", "Group Dare or Drink", "Never Ever", "Sentence Flowing", and many more! The cards are self-explanatory.

**How do You Win?**

The winner is decided as a group who has had the most courage. Cards and/or turns are not allowed to be skipped no matter what the circumstances are. The only way to avoid using a card, is by either playing a Safety card on the table, or forfeiting.

The game can end after one round of the deck of cards, or three rounds of the entire deck. If there are two or three players, it is recommended to go through the deck once. If there are four or more players, it is recommended to go through the deck atleast two times.

**Where do I place each card when it is my turn?**

Place the card in front of you (face up) on the table for all the players to see. Once the card rule has been broken, or the card has been used, place it in a pile face down in the center of the table. This is called the discarded pile.

**Does it matter if the other players see my cards?**

It doesn't matter if the other players see your cards, except for "The Signs of Drinking" card. Be sure to keep in mind that it makes the game more fun if you surprise everyone by hiding your cards either face down in front of you, or in your hands.

Skills: Android, Blackberry, Engineering, iPhone, Mac OS, MySQL, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing

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