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My client wishes to develop a desk-top application designed to help people manage their personal information such as passwords, shopping lists, birthdays, etc.? in a way that improves their record-keeping and adds to their personal productivity. They have created approximately 100 forms and lists ??" everything from forms to record vital records to packing lists for going on a trip. The assorted forms and lists will serve as templates for users to record their own data and store it for convenient record-keeping, or share it with friends, family and business associates.? The collected forms and lists will be marketed to consumers as an “organizer?? package and sold? as a convenient tool for taming the paper in their lives.?

The application will be accessed via the web and downloaded from the Internet onto the customer’s computer. It will either be sold from a shopping cart or provided as a subsidized “free?? product by a marketing partner to their client base. The customers / clients will store the bundle of templates on their hard drive for convenient data entry, editing and review. They will be able to insert photos into certain lists, print the documents as PDFs, email them as attachments and store them in an encrypted form on their hard drives to ensure privacy.? The forms will have embdded “intelligence?? so that data from one that relates to another will be automatically pre-filled to avoid repetition. The forms will be well-designed, intuitive, and engaging. The lists will be fun to fill out, safe and easy to access when needed.

## Deliverables

Required Features and Functionality:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. The user will come to a website similar to The Template Zone [[url removed, login to view]][1] with information about the bundle of templates and how they can be used to improve organization and record-keeping. They will be able to see samples -- a form and a list -- to see what the product looks like.? ?

2. The user will then click on a button to download the application and receive instructions on how to store and install it. The instructions will include a note on security that assures them their information will be safely stored in an encrypted form on their own hard drive. They will gain entry by registering a username and password, which will be forwarded to them in a confirmation email.?

3. Once the application is installed, the user will see a desktop icon on his /her? screen that will provide them with the means to access both new forms and completed lists.? The new forms will appear in a directory of titles arranged into approximately 18 categories. When they click on a title, the template will appear on their screen.? ?

4. Each template for the accumulated forms and lists will contain multiple fields for data entry. The design of the form will be similar to a standard web-based form or offline PDF that is inviting and easy to complete. The forms should be prefilled with any information previously captured on the same or related form to avoid repetitive data entry. Development of the form should also make it possible to insert instructional notes or words of advice in a text “balloon?? pointing to a particular field that requires completion. These “balloons?? would be similar to the notes in Excel or the info-boxes that appear when you click on a Google Map marker. They will serve as an aid in helping the user to fill out the form correctly or to use his / her list creatively. The “bubble?? text will disappear when it is either clicked on by the user or when the user mouse-clicks the next field in the form or list.?

5. The forms will allow users to enter weblinks to specific sites, services, photos, or other URLs as an aid in completing a list or setting a reminder. When the user completes the form or customizes the list, he will have the option to save it in a secure “Vault?? on his hard drive or in “My Documents?? if it does not require security. ? The “vault?? will be a storage area related to the application that will require entering the previously-issued username and passsword for access. ? The vault will be accessable only to the person with the username and password. There will be the standard prompts for retreiving a lost username or password via email. The user will also be able to change their password if they so desire. Instructions will be offered on how to construct a secure password.?

6. The other options available for each form or list will include “Edit Form.?? “Print as PDF Document,?? and? “Email Form.?? The user will be able to make changes and then save the form to either his secure Vault or his unsecure Document File. Access to the Document File will not require a username and password. The email message containing the document to be forwarded will include a link to the web page that contains the app download in the event the recipient wants to edit the form. The forms will have permissions baked into the PDF so that access can be restricted if the original user wants to ensure the form cannot be changed by the recipient.?

Nice-To-Have Features:?

1. Some lists or forms will be especially useful if they can be accessed on a mobile phone or wireless PDA. It would be nice to have the ability to forward a specific form to such a device and have it in a format that is easily read.

? 2. Some phone numbers on a list will be more useful if they can be forwarded to a mobile phone. It would be nice if the functionality on certain lists would enable that.? ?

3. Make it possible for users to be able to insert a digital map from of a specific location into a specific form or list.?

Other Requirements:?

1. Good design will make a difference in the appeal of this product. The website for the initial sale presentation and download should be simple, clean and consistent with other Web 2.0 interfaces such as the sites built by 37 Signals [[url removed, login to view]][2]. Their product design for Ta Da List [[url removed, login to view]][3] is similar to what we have in mind, but we are providing pre-filled information for standard lists and forms ??" not blank lists. Other providers of related functionality that reflects the desired look and feel include eHow [[url removed, login to view]][4],? and Keep You Safe [[url removed, login to view]][5].?

2. Security is very important. The Vault needs to have the encryption standard suitable for banks and other financial institutions. It has to be strong enough that an intruder into the user’s hard drive cannot hack the information without the username and password.?

3. The software solition for the templates will likely be an Adobe product (based on your recommendation). ? We favor PDF for the creation of the templates, but we will also conside Flex or a comparable tool. We need the developer to recommend the best solution for providing the desired functionality.?

4. We expect that the web portion of the product will work with all current popular browsers in versions that encompass 95% of the installed American userbase.?

5. We anticipate that there will be some exchange of ideas as a preliminary for the design phase of this project. We intend to hire a vendor that has both design AND development expertise. We want to see screen shots and “paper?? designs before any coding is done. We have developed a number of software applications and can provide quick feedback as the project progresses.?

My client will review the proposals and make a choice based on finding the right partner to create this useful product.


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