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## Deliverables

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Twitter search based app.?

Name 'twoogle' - domain '[url removed, login to view]'

I have been cleared for Twitter API 'gardenhose' you can read about this in the documentation. I can provide access if need be.?



Site Design

Site brand

Site itself

Get satisfaction tab


We're going to need to incorporate a 'bid and buy' banner advertising system. Users can bid, buy and place ad banners on the site. Display periods for their banners will be 1 day (24 hours). I want this completely automated. If a user does not upload a banner in time a generic banner will be displayed, and they will not get their money back.

Choose the location of the banner on the site yourself. Maybe not on the search page, but on the results page.

Design notes:

General 'google' type search box.

we are going to have a general google like search box

then we would have 5 common drop down menus

which I think would be Technology, Business, Entertainment, World News

and you can replace them with anything you want

Reference sites:

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]


Users can also sign up for 'featured' users' This is similar to PPC. When users enter various different search criteria, and a users search criteria matched with another user, then the user who has signed up for, and paid to be 'featured', will appear at the top of the listing.

Gumtree and Ebay provide excellent examples of this feature.

Notes between me and client:

These are the points which I have thought about -?

1 - To Provide accurate search with twitter's real time effect.?

Do you mean real time as is the sense of the USP of Twitter? Everything is live?

Yes absolutely right as in feedback? up to? 7 days as we? discussed? earlier.

2 - Providing them with search options so that they can get where they want quickly.

And they are?

I am still finalising the options - They would be Technology, Business, World News, and 2 more general options which people look up to.

3 - It would be a mixed bag of things thus helping the professionals as well as the general people on the internet.

Ok, do you want 2 channels for professional and general? I don’t think so..

Not 2? channels? by this I wanted to say that from one single thing both can benefit.

4 - As in the layout which I had sent you last time, I have also decided to add one more option called Reviews, which would be? useful? for the companies to take a feedback of there services or the products as well as for the users who are thinking to use those products

No problem.

5 - The best part whatever you search comes with a real time feedback so you don't have to waist time as you do while searching on Google by clicking several links.

No problem.

I have also configured the possible layout in my mind which would look cool I guess.

Please let me know what do you think.

Yes please.

Danny the layout should be a search box like any other engine then below that we would have 5 more options representing general things as mentioned above so that they have good options.

Skills: Engineering, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture, User Interface / IA

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