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OVERVIEW: This is a website for an advertising firm which will allow customers to register online, login to view customer options, purchase ad packages, upload their artwork, administrators to review / approve and upload online coupons which will display online. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must have experience in custom php / Mysql applications of a similar nature as project described below. 2. Must have experience in integration / testing of [url removed, login to view]'s Web Payments Pro system (an integrated API payment system via paypal) 3. Must have done a similar customer registration / management system before so you can easily integrate your existing coding. 4. You MUST fully read and by bidding, you understand that you are agreeing to our terms of service. TIMELINE: Ideally this project needs to be completed within the week, which is not too difficult for a good programmer who already has the pieces necessary to complete this project. If you can successfully do so within the week after accepting you, plus come in at a good price, you will be given the option of more work immediately and given the option to be hired in as a php programmer for regular work. More details on this later. Few additional items which should bring down price substantially to complete this project: 1. PAGE TEMPLATES: I have already uploaded the templates for the pages. The [url removed, login to view] file to get an idea of the template structure we normally use for applications like this. It will allow you to begin your work, while we complete the website design and allow us to easily integrate design elements into it later without interferring with what you are doing. Also all shell pages of the site is already completed with graphics to be integrated shortly by my team. [url removed, login to view] 2. The products database system is already in place and populated into the products order page. 3. The paypal web payments pro system is 80% complete and just requires someone to test it, debug it and complete it. All items like the customers API certificate, etc are already uploaded and in place. The system is currently connected to the Paypal sandbox system and seems to be working well, so you have very little to do on this but you MUST be familar with this system so you can properly debug as needed. 4. We already have a working admin module built with secure administrative login system. All admin pages you create only need to use one of the existing pages as a template, integrating existing security and dbase connectivity files. DETAILS: 1. PRODUCT SYSTEM: A product database tables are already in place and populating packages for purchase on the checkout page. Your task is to create admin pages for ADD / EDIT / DELETION of these products. 2. Customer registration system: - customer dbase: cid, all contact info (street address, city, state, zip - Michigan customers only so no need for country system) company name, contact name, description, url, phone, email, password. Additional fields for billing information: billing name, billing address, billing city, billing state, billing zip code, billing phone (optional). - allows customers to register online. - customer login system including retrieve password. Suggest use of their email and password for login system. - security page which can be easily included into any pages we wish to require customer login. - customer home page: contains general text we shall insert, and links for: update contact information, update billing information, change password. Each link into new page. - admin pages to view customer records, edit, etc. - admin customer add pages within admin. Setup so doesnt require username and password in case client wishes to add new customers who may not be using online system. NOTE: This is a very basic cookie cutter customer registration / management system found in most all customer registration sites. If you have something similar ready to review that includes more or slightly less than requested above, please post to PMB so I can review it and ensure it is what we need. If you do not have a system like this already built that can be easily integrated into our site, do NOT bother to bid since this is something database programmers usually have done within first few months of any client custom database solutions. 2. Pay Your Bill Online: PayPal Website Payments Pro system: General paypal website payments pro system already in place including SSL and API certificates, base code, etc. METHOD 1: - they select a product and buy now. (DONE). [url removed, login to view] - product info is prefilled into a secure payment form. (NOTE: form needs to be created. Will give sample of other forms we created for similar sites, which you can copy code from, so its a basic copy, paste and slight update task. Also SSL certificate already installed) - they enter their general contact and project information into form and submit. - they enter billing information. - processing is done in background paypal API system using website payments pro. - confirmation email created IF paypal does not do it automatically. NOTE: Many of these items may also be handled via prepopulating the payment form from customers registration details. METHOD 2: Pay your bill: - same items as above, with exception of offering packages via a drop down. IF product name / unique identified is not passed into form page, then show a drop down: "Select your package: --------- view details (link) NOTE: Exact placement on site for this to be discussed. 3. Upload Artwork: - Customer must be logged in. - password protected, shall rename files, drop into general folder possibly using userid and project ID as naming basis. - autoresponder sent to site owner once uploads are completed for said project. - 3-5 images would be average for customers uploading artwork. 4. PACKAGE MANAGEMENT system: - new dbase table for recording package records. Shall include a status field which can be set to: pending, processed, completed, on-hold. NO auto responder. - id, date, pstatus (paid status: true or false), status (live, expired, pending), custID, title, description, notes, 5 image fields, coupon image field, coupon expiration date. - customer page to view information on a given package. - package image upload page: IF images not uploaded yet, show button to allow them to easily upload images for this project (see upload artwork section). - new table on bottom of CUSTOMER HOME PAGE (upon login) which shall show current packages they have purchased and are still active with links to view them, upload images, etc. Shall be provided some demo pages to use as templates. - admin pages to view projects per customer, change status, make notes. - admin page for adding a new project under specific customer records. - admin upload page for final coupon for a customer project, by admin users only. 5. Coupons: - shows all current coupons based on dbase. - can click to print coupon (new window) - can click on advertisers name to pull up full info / writeup on advertisers (customers record). - Example of coupon displays would be here: [url removed, login to view]

Skills: Anything Goes, PHP, SQL

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