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Based on the quality of the finished product, look and the functionality, we are willing to offer a position to the Programmer(s)/Coder(s) involved, work on 2 other projects. Persons outside of the US will have the opportunity to be sponsored to the United States, on a Temporary Work Visa. Successful applicants must be willing and capable of meeting DHLS/INS requirements if you a position in the United States is desired. For example, last year, we successfully hired 3 Temporary Designers from overseas. Currently we require 2 hard working Programmers/Coders/Developers driven by skills to produce quality work for our firm.


We are a group – “SalMoe.” Our group is composed of 2 Lawyers and 3 partners. The 5 of us use to be employed at [url removed, login to view] so we understand the functionality very well, however we don't understand the Programmers/Coders/Developers expertise . Therefore, please do NOT ask us Programmers/Coders/Developers questions. We promise not to ask you to do our work by answering legal questions and terms you are not qualified to . It's a matter of professionalism and mutual respect. What we want you to do is show us or “showcase” your skills and knowledge by producing a quality clone model of [url removed, login to view]


Create a Dating/Social Networking website modeled after: [url removed, login to view] Dedicated Server.


We are looking for talented individuals that can either build the site by themselves or accompany another subcontractor in the design. Most developers can't do both design and code. So what we need is, either to get lucky and find a person that can do everything or find 3 developers. One for design, one for code and at some point we need a database expert to handle the traffic we expect to receive. “Design” will not be a problem since the [url removed, login to view] conveniently exists. This website will be utilized as a continuous “point of reference” and “benchmark in this project” so there can be NO CONFUSION by either party. We are very straight forward and believe you get what you pay for.

The unique and beneficial aspect of this project is the fact you don't have to “read our minds” in order to know what we need, want, desire and expect since [url removed, login to view] is the site you are modeling after. Simple, as far as what our expectation is. All serious applicants are strongly advised to visit [url removed, login to view], create a profile , and familiarize with the product. Paying attention but not limited to, functionality employed for: creating a profile, upgrading, payment options, features etc, etc, etc.

Also be mindful of the fact that Standard, Silver and Gold members on [url removed, login to view] have various restrictions/privileges – we require the same functionality. Therefore, it will be absolutely necessary for the successful applicant(s) to become a Standard, Silver and Gold membership to better understand the various memberships being offered.

Plainly Stated: IF YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH [url removed, login to view] YOU ARE UNFAMILIAR WITH THIS PROJECT AND OUR EXPECTATION. We politely emphasize this since the 5 of us all possess working knowledge of [url removed, login to view] the “testing” stage of this project will be critically crucial.

However, if an applicant has any question(s) or concern(s) regarding any of the features/functionalities of [url removed, login to view] please feel free to ask since it may be a feature/function/concern we can either work around, omit, improve etc. We rather you ask then assume.


If you have only worked on small scripts and never worked on a substantial project, you will not be considered for this project, for example if we are asking for a complete CMS to be made and you give us a quote. We require examples of past relevant work. We can learn a lot from someone's previous work. The examples can be either in the form of code you give us or links to sites they have worked on. But, if simply provide inks, we need details on what you actually did on the site. Some people provide links saying they built the site when in fact they may, for example, have only built the login system or the mailing system. If you are unwilling to provide examples, you are considered to be withholding information, therefore you will be disqualified.


Being a Programmer requires a fair amount of ability and skill. Programming in general is an art and a science. The art is fitting programming code together in an eloquent and effective fashion. The science is understanding how everything works from a technical standpoint. At a bare minimum you should have working knowledge of PHP, MySql, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, and Search Engine Optimization. Website layout skills will also come in handy. Personally I believe anyone doing website programming or layout should have a basic understanding of how the search engines view your website. A PHP developer can harm us more than help us if he or she does not have search engine optimization knowledge. I'm not saying the PHP programmer has to be a search engine optimization guru. However they need basic search engine skills.

From our experience, a freelance coder will generally work with an existing layout/design and write custom code to satisfy our needs and goals for your website. Although many coders are very versatile in freelance programming, they usually aren't developers. A freelance coder will not usually be the person to make design or development decisions.

Freelance programming and coding are essentially interchangeable, because freelance coders and freelance programmers essentially do the same job. But, since we need a new application/program written, we most likely want to consult a programmer vs. a coder, unless the coder is experienced in writing entire programs or applications from scratch.

We think of a freelance coder as the person who handles the details but is not in charge of the big picture. Although many freelance developers know how to do the job of a coder, the reverse will not necessarily be true.


Many developers choose to freelance outsource the coding work. Because a developer usually charges a much higher rate to do such a specialized job, a developer can save himself time and save us money by outsourcing the code writing aspect of the project. Although developers are very capable of programming and writing code, it is generally more efficient to have someone who only writes code to do the job. So, if you are a freelance developer, we recommend you outsource to a freelance coder, but that's a decision to be made by the person hired.


Please DO NOT be quick to provide a quote/bid on this project. Instead, please research and browse [url removed, login to view] first! The sooner you become aware of the significance of this project the more effective and relevant your quote/bid will be. If you are unfamiliar with [url removed, login to view] become familiar with it if you wish to quote/bid on this project. We always see job posting with budgets (for example) $300 - $1000, then the bids come in within that range when any reasonable person would know that the work being sought could never be done at that price. Only to find out later that the programmer received the first payment and took off with the money. That being said, we have a range in mind on what this project should cost, therefore if your bid is not within the industry standard, that's the first indication we will not seek your services. We don't care if you are from the US, India, Europe, Africa etc…all we care about is the project. People from around the world do good/quality work and others are scams and rip offs. Sad, but true.


We will pay in increments so that the programmer does not have to wait for the job to be completed before they get any money. We propose to make another installment at each 20% completion interval. So we would pay a 20% (of the remaining 80% that needs paying of course) when the project is 20% complete then again at 40% and again at 60% until the project is complete. This ensures that the programmer is still keeping an interest and so that we still have a budget if the programmer walks away from the project.


Please specify the time frame required to complete a project of this nature. Add 15% more time in your final calculation of such.


If for any reason you cannot accomplish the look/functionality or any aspect of the model website, we respectfully request that you please refrain from bidding. Allow those more proficient and skilled in an undertaking of this significance to focus and bid the project. This is far from a simple “website.” We expect quality at a fair and competitive rate - nothing less, nothing more. We are fully funded and ready to move forward on this project within 72 hours from the time project is awarded.

Skills: Anything Goes, PHP, Social Networking

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