*** DEVELOPERS: We are willing to hire 2-3 developers for faster results!

The "lowest" bids are prioritized.

This is a large and complicated project, so you MUST be able to handle HARD work!!!

We expect the following...

1. Fast Communication

2. Available to work 6 to 8 hours within OUR Time Zone - between 8am to 10pm (Toronto, Ontario. Canada)

3. Commitment to provide your best and high quality results.

4. Payment: Freelancer/Paypal/Skrill (Moneybookers)

5. SERVER UPLOAD: Prior to payment, a complete and updated design will be uploaded to "our" server for testing and verification by third-party. If all is working and there are no billing concerns (Time billed vs amount of work), we make payment immediately

6. TIME and PROGRESS: This will be tracked and billed using Snagit video recorder. This is important as we need to see progress. This is used for feedback purposes and billing... If you are doing work you wish to be paid for, it must be recorded

7. Freelancer Time Tracker will be used to track the days you work

8. FEEDBACK: Snagit video will be uploaded in a Dropbox at the end of every day

We want everything below and more. We do not want to limit ourselves to a few main features, and we do not want to be anything like other sites. This project demands forward thinkers that think outside the box AND “beyond” social norms... if there is a certain way everyone does it and what is always recommended, that is your queue to do the exact opposite :)

The websites we want designed:

1. eCommerce (Erotic-Adult Content - Custom SCRAPER REQUIRED for content)

2. Social Networking (Facebook like, twitter like, forums, blogs, etc.)

3. Dating site

4. Content upload – Youtube like (Content upload of erotic content by both admin and members/non-members)

5. Webcam model chat site

6. Adult Services site

7. Erotic Adult Video Content

8. Sex Education and Support Center

9. Suggestions???

Examples of site features:

*3D agent to guide users

User management:

- Users creating a detailed profile with pictures

- Live Webcam Video verification

- An in-depth customer profile - Similar to what you find at dating sites

Content generation:

- Users can share original works of art in any form of expression (from personal blogs, poems, short stories and graphic novels to sketches, photography and other digital expressions)

- Users will comment on, write, create audio/video recording of live journals/diary's and reviews of purchased products.

Social network community:

- Blogs, forums, twitter and more. Users can talk about products, stories and related content on the website and interact with others, adding connections, sharing pictures, etc.

Guest and members only access e-store:

- A dazzling and catchy area that will allow anyone to purchase product.

- Comprehensive content about the company and it's products with typical features such as contact, FAQ, etc.

- Auto-editing and auto-sending of invoices to customers by email, etc.

Account validation:

- By email, phone (text/automated call), credit verification

Account database and information security:

- Database for backups, newsletters and promotions, security of personal, private, and financial information.

Extensive web, member and shopping statistics:

- E-store; profile details, etc.

Powerful admin tools:

- Allowing us to manage the website and edit the sections, manage products, users, and validate projects, etc.

Site should be designed with high-attention to detail, seamlessly integrated and 100% compatible & working on all platforms, including mobile (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.)

>>> If you read and understood this message, please tell us: "# of developers, # of working hours/day; # working days/week" before your message

Skills: HTML5, PHP, Social Engine, Software Architecture, Software Development

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