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We are looking for developer which will be able to create app for iPhone with following functionality. The application should establish connection with Bluetooth 4.0 device and send/receive data using GATT (General Attribute Profile). Some data needs to be re-calculated before display according to provided formula using simple mathematics. We will provide you description of the Bluetooth device profile (XML file) and formula for data re-calculation (examples in C language). The visual look can be very simple, as the first step it will be developer’s version to check our concept. It everything will work well we will derive final version of this app. We want to check the app on our own iPhones without Jailbreak. If we will be satisfied we can establish long term cooperation which we actually prefer.

We have our own device with Bluetooth 4.0 module BLE112 from Bluegiga. This module using integrated circuit CC2540 from Texas Instruments (some examples even iPhone app can be found on their web sites). The file [url removed, login to view] defines the device profile and comments inside give you some more information. The project inside [url removed, login to view] is example how to recalculate value before display them.

Application „Thermoscale“

The application should display following values:

- Device name (uuids = 2A29)

- SHT20 Temperature (needs to be recalculated)

- SHT20 Humidity (needs to be recalculated)

- LPS331 Temperature (needs to be recalculated)

- LPS331 Pressure (needs to be recalculated)

- Battery Voltage (raw data, recalculation will be defined later)

- Scale AD converter results (needs to be recalculated)

- Scale tare (needs to be recalculated)

- Config Data (split to five values STH20 UserByte, LPS331 dummy reg, glb_iStmBootup, glb_iStmIIC, glb_iStmSPI)

The application should allow set following value:

- Input Time Divider (from 1 to 16 with step 1)

The application should have 4 buttons which will send/set Input Command value

- Button 1 – Dummy (send 0)

- Button 2 – Start IIC sensor (send 1)

- Button 3 – Start SPI sensor (send 2)

- Button 4 – Tare (send 3)

Note: We are quite newbie in Bluetooth 4.0 so if something is not clear or even wrong please let us know. We will appreciate any advice.

Skills: PHP, Software Architecture

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