small project HTML, PHP and MySql only 5 webpages

Web Development

***Must Use*** ***only*** **HTML**, **PHP** and **MySql**** (localhost) using windows xp or 7 **to create a partial e-store.

**Home page** (keep simple, with login and sign up)

**Sign up page** (keep simple, with update of customer table)

**Order Page** (where the customer can order items from one table)

**Quantity error page** (to show discrepancy between customer order and inventory)

**Your Order page** (where the customer can see the items ordered and total amount)

Use freedom in your design, but keep it very very very simple.

**Important: Dead line is on 23 March 2012**



## Deliverables


The homepage should include the name of the store **"The Big Pharmacy"**, timestamp, a graphic image (any .jpg to test) only the home page has the image, a suitable welcome message as you like, navigation links to " Sign Up" or "Log in", for login display the log in Customer name and password textboxes with a submit button.


Every webpage must display the store's name **"The Big Pharmacy"** and a dynamically created timestamp.

All timestamps must indicate when the page was dynamically created. An example timestamp is: **Tuesday, March 6 2011, 14:02:46**


Create a webpage that will allow a new Customer to register and insert his/her information into the customers table, assign the CustomerID field (auto_increment) only after the new Customer click the submit button, then show his/her CustomerID in a textbox and allow to click close button.

**Order Page**

When the Customer completed login, create a suitable page that displays the store's name **"The Big Pharmacy"**, a dynamically created timestamp, CustomerID, customer name, customer email, and bellow that, the entire store's inventory as follow:

The information includes:





**Oquantity** (this as a textbox in which the customer may enter the order quantity for each item),

a **button to reset** all Quantities, sub-totals and total,

a **button to proceed to checkout**.

All textboxes for Order Quantity should be initialized null when this page is invoked from the login homepage.

This page allows a Customer to attempt to order one or more items by filling in a numeric quantity in one or more order quantity textboxes.

For simplicity, when an order quantity textbox is left empty (null) or set to zero, that item is not being ordered; when the textbox contains any number other than null or zero, this is an attempt to order that quantity of that item.

**Inventory Verification and checkout**

After the Customer clicked on "Proceed to Checkout", first verify that, the quantity of items ordered is actually available from inventory (because other customer might been buying the same product and clicked first).

**Quantity error page**

If the Customer orders more units of an item than is available, create a response page that identifies which item(s) is/are not available and display (again) the quantity actually available asking the customer to input in the textbox a new quantity and update the customer order.

**Your Order page**

Create a dynamic page that displays the Customer's order in tabular format. Do not list an item that was not ordered (i.e., if its quantity box was null or zero).

The information includes:



**Oquantity** (this as a textbox in which the customer may enter the order quantity for each item),

**Sub-Total**(the price multiplied by Oquantity),

a **button to Cancel** and log-out,

a **button to proceed to Payment**.

Note: there is not payment page to develop

Beneath the last line of the customer order, calculate and label the total of the

order. After that a button to "proceed to payment". A button to cancel and log-out.

If the customer click proceed to payment then update the tables related (orders and drugs).


Create MySQL database called '**DB**', collation Utf8_general_ci; everything has the same collation.

Customers shall have the required capabilities and authorization to use the DB as needed (read, write, and update the database)

The database schema is:

**Customers (table)** the fields are**:**

**CustomerID** (**PK**, integer, length 6- AUTO-increment)

**Password** (varchar, length 6-not null)

**CName** (varchar, length 30-not null)

**Address** (varchar, length 45-not null)

**City** (varchar, length 30-not null)

**Email** (varchar, length 45-not null)

**Drugs (table)** the fields are**:**

**drugID** (**PK**, biginteger, length 12- AUTO-increment UNSIGNED ZEROFILL)

**Dname** (varchar, length 30-not null)

**company** (varchar, length 30-not null)

**price** (decimal, length 6,2 UNSIGNED ZEROFILL-not null)

**Dquantity** (integer, length 5 UNSIGNED ZEROFILL-not null)

**Orders (table)** the fields are**:**

** OrderID** (**PK**, biginteger, length 8- AUTO-increment UNSIGNED ZEROFILL)

***CustomerID*** (**FK to customers table**, integer, length 6)

**Amount** (decimal, length 6,2 UNSIGNED ZEROFILL-not null)

**date** (timestamp- format dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:SS-not null)

**Order_drugs** **(table)** the fields are**:**

*** OrderID*** (**FK to orders table** , biginteger, length 8)

*** drugID*** (**FK to drugs table**, biginteger, length 12)

** Oquantity** (integer, length 5 UNSIGNED ZEROFILL-not null)

Create in each table a minimum of three records for testing purposes.

CustomerID, drugID and orderID are auto_increment integer values.

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