Basic - website based CRM w/some basic accounting features

In Progress

Fuel Customer Accounting Site

The site should be made up of tabs. No graphics needed.. just functionality.

Site will be hosted directly on the workstation thats being used. It will be used to maintain sales receipts for customers - and use those

stats to determine pricing and recall how much fuel racers purchased. It would be preferred to use just php - so the installation on the

workstation is easy and simple

Tabs >> Dashboard / Customers / Reciepts / Back Office

Needed information to maintain on customers

First name / Last name

Phone number

Other number

Email address (not required)

Discount Level (set by admin while adding new users)

Auto Discount Level -- based on the customers purchases - via gallon

Back office Description

Need ability to add the fuel types - with a description - and the price for that fule type.

Need ability to set the percentage per dollar that a customer gets charged for not paying cash. If a receipt payment method is

Visa / Mastercard / Discover -- there is increase that the customer must pay if using these paying methods. I need to set and

it needs calculated automatically on the receipt.

need to be able to set the discount levels -- which will be basically a label and a discount based per gallon. Please

understand some sales will be based on how much money the customer has.. Example a customer might say give me $20 dollars

worth.. so the receipt page needs to have that option and the discount would be applied to how many gallons were bought.

Lets say the fuel is $[url removed, login to view] per gallon. and the customer says give me $20 worth. The receipt would have a place to put in

the amount the customer is spending.. which would figure out how many gallons the staff member would pump. This would be

[url removed, login to view] gallons. rounded up to 6.9 gallons which is what the discount will be. Meaning if the discount level is $.10 (10 cents)

per gallong.. this persons discount would be 6.9 times .10 - $.69

Need to have another discount level.. called Auto-Discount. This is a discount based on how many gallons the customer has bought

during the last 120 days. I would be able to add the levels.. and how many gallons needed for that level - then how much per gallon

the discount would be.

Configuration for the email side of it -- should have ability to send email via Gmail.. ie SSL

Receipt Description Tab

Should have the client listed at the top.. a new invoice would have a drop down to select existing customers or first choice on the list would be add new.

The field should allow the ability to start typing the customers name - and it would match either last name or first name.. showing those matching allowing

the user to select it. (this is required to move forward)

When customer is seleted -- it would show the customers total fuel purchased to date and the discount level based on that gallon purchase history.

Somewhere at the top should be ability to select Payment Methods >> Cash / Visa / Mastercard / Discover / Charge (this is required to move forward)

First column of the sale line would be fuel type selection. Second would be the description which is automatic based on the first column)

Third - would be how many gallons they are getting -- which would determine the cost.. but some how need ability to put in a dollar amount for

customers that want to buy based on how much money they have.

Most sales will only be 1 or 2 lines -- but lets give it the ability of just 5 lines (meaning sales items)

System should maintain each clients purchases.. to determine discount level -- and also charges until paid.. if charge is selected.

Notes >

Would like receipts emailed -- not in a form just an email showing what the racer bought / how much / when / cost.

Skills: Database Administration, MySQL, PHP, System Admin

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