Building a Social network and a Magento Webshop (combined)

**Total Project: Building a social network + Building a Magento webshop - *(For detailed description see:"Detailed requirements")***

Social network:

We want to offer our visitors an opportunity to register at our events for an account on our social network platform (to be developed). So that when they get home they can connect and interact with other like-minded-people.


As an addition to our business we also require a Magento Webshop to be installed and designed.

## Deliverables

**Scope of Work (Social Network):**

Our company organizes seminars in Europe for a certain niche. We want to offer our visitors an opportunity to register at our events only for an account on our social network platform (to be developed). So that when they get home they can connect and interact with other like-minded-people.

Basic Features our social network should have:

* Registration is only available during our events or upon invitation

* Profiles and information only available after login

* Create a profile page

* Wall

* Preferable Skype or similar integration/webinars

* Send/receive private messages

* Would be nice to integrate the twitter account (tweets) and Facebook account with our platform

* In dutch or easily translatable to dutch by our self.

* CMS for Admin to add news and video's on a home page. * Layout manager

* Create groups

* Create Events

* Membership Billing

* Ads spaces/tool

* Statistics

* Data Exporting tool

* Text and Video chat bar

* Users online now

* Newest Members

* Success journal ([private and public option)

* And either the connection between Get-response and this system or a possibility to sent newsletters to all members.

* From the back office we should be able to control the accounts (disable/enable). *

* Admin tool for managing users.

**Additional Specifications on Social Network functionality:**

When you login, you will be directed immediately to your personal dashboard.

On your dashboard you can fill in your three most important personal goals for a specific set of time (for example: "within a year"). They should also select from a pre-defined list a category in which their goal can be placed (for advertising reasons, we will discuss this later).

For every goal one can define five "action-steps" you should do every day, to reach your goal. For example, if your goal would be to lose 20 pounds in weight, then your "action steps" could be:

* Doing exercise for 30 minutes a day

* Eat Healthy

* Drink 2 liters of water a day

* Sleep for at least 8 hours a day

* Visualize successful results daily

Everyday a member should login on his account to rate himself for the execution of every individual "action points" that day. Scale should be 1 to 10. Also should they be able to write a few lines as a journal to write insights they have learned that day. They should be able to view these insights in a sort of report whenever they want.

On your dashboard you should only see the three personal goals (not the action steps) with a traffic light system per goal, right below each goal. If one for example rated himself with a average of 8 over all action steps for 10 days, the traffic light of the specific goal should give an indication if he is developing in the right direction. So it should turn green in this example. If it would be an aware rating between 6 and 8 the traffic light should turn orange and for an average below 6, the traffic light should turn red.

Say the traffic light of your goals should turn orange and you want to know visually when and where you went in the wrong direction, you should be able to click on the goal and a popup should come out. This popup should visualize in a graph per action-step which rating you gave yourself when. This should give you some personal insights.

Ok, back on the dashboard. Every time you reach a goal, you should click on a visual button: with the text: "Celebration". This should only be possible when your traffic light indicates green. When you click the "Celebration Button", you should another popup window should come up. In this window you should be able to write your success story. How you reached your goal, what you've learned, tips and insight you want to share with others with similar goals. Also what your new goal will be. When you are finished, you click "send" button. Now the story should be send to the moderator or administrator. If one of these last two approves the content, he should click "approve" and the success story should be posted automatically on the front page of the members area of our social network, in the category: "Brasza congratulates..."

Below every success story there should be a button (similar to the face book "like-button") with the text: "congratulate". If another member is logged in and want to congratulate the writer of the success story, he should be able to hit the "congratulate" button. This would result in two actions within the network: 1.) below the story you should see "the following persons, have congratulate?with his/her success" the person who had hit the "congratulate button" should be posted below this line. 2.) The person who wrote the success story should receive a private message within the network and also a notification of this event in their personal e-mail.

Also from your dashboard you should be able to see if you have received any new messages. You can also see a part of your personal profile and click on it to update it. There should be a connection between our Magento shop and the social network. Because also on the dashboard we should be able to show suggested products: "According to your profile and goals, other people with similar goals where interested in these products:.." This should be based on the goals-category the member had selected and/or in combination with the average rating for the goal. **Specially this functionality is crucial for us.**

If there would be a free member's webinar (for example through webex or something) members should be able to connect from their dashboard to this session. Announcement for these free events and registration should be visible from the dashboard.

Also you should be able to search for people with a similar goal (use the pre-defined categories mentioned earlier). And connect with them. Forget the skype functionality, but people should be able to connect (Wall, PM, chat etc.). But they should also be able to start a Mastermind group on the network them self and invite interesting members with similar goals and/or join existing Mastermind groups. Within these groups, there should be a private (members of group only) communication.

**Scope of work (Magento webshop)**

**Detailed Web-shop description of the order/ scope:**

Our current web shop is a plug-in based web shop on Word press. Therefore we were limited in functionality. That's why we want a Magento based web shop.

The web-shop should be an integral part of our business, because that's where our income comes in. The web-shop should be connected with our social network and our word-press site. The connection with our social network is already been discussed in the social network briefing. The connection with the word-press site is quite simple. We want to be able to link directly to products in our web-shop from our word-press site. Also the "look and feel" of our web-shop should match our design on [[url removed, login to view]][1].

Products that are being sold through our website are mainly for the Dutch and Belgian market so the language should be in Dutch. The products to be sold are physical products (40%), E-books (10%), Tickets for our events, with the functionality that buyers receive their E-tickets automatically after payment (40%) and (online) coaching service (10%).

So the requirements for the selling of these kinds of products should be completely taken care of in the development of our web-shop.

Also we want people who take part in our social network, to monthly deposit some sort of web-shop-credits in order to make use of our social network. So we want buyers to make an account in our web-shop that is in some way connected with their social network account. So that we can verify if they've deposited their credit to their account. In exchange for their credit they can purchase goods from our web-shop.

Also we want an affiliate functionality integrated in the web-shop. Since we are going to work closely together with our affiliates.

Another function we require is that buyers receive an invoice from us automatically. Also we want to receive a copy from each invoice. The invoice should automatically be numbered and match all requirement dutch VAT law requires.

We want you to install some free extensions (30) or extensions you would suggest. Including the multi-safepay extension for payment through iDeal and mastercard/visa. Also the payment option direct debit and bank transfer. In this option we should receive an order notification and have to manually accept the order after we have received the payment. From there on everything should be the same automation (invoice, send etc.).

The homepage should show featured items from our web-shop.

Also a general question for our social network and web-shop. The auto-responder make use of is Get-response. Is it possible for you to develop a sort of automated integration between an auto-responder and all e-mail addresses from buyers in our web-shop and our social network members? If not possible with get-response, than which auto-responder you would suggest? Get-response only allows to add e-mail Addresses after they have send a request to the e-mail-addresses you want to add. The recipient has to agree click on a link before they will be added to the mailing-list.

**Also to be developed functionality (if not free extensions), the following extensions:**

E-ticket function:

<[url removed, login to view]>

E-book download option after payment

Invoice: <[url removed, login to view]>

Standard webshop facilities

Layout design

Design and functions should be like: [[url removed, login to view]][2]

Affiliate system

Up to 30 free extension from:

<[url removed, login to view]>

**General conditions for total Project (Building a social network + Building/designing a Magento webshop)****


*** Delivery - 6-10 Weeks**

*** One month free Service warranty for the software**

* **Fixed price and will not be reconsidered after placement of the order by Brasza.**


* All functionalities mentioned in this description should be delivered in the end-product upon delivery**

Skills: PHP

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