Zend Framework 2 Based Search Site

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This site is based around "social websearch", to share funny and interesting searches/results/autosuggestions. We want it based on Zend Framework 2. User interface probably will use jQuery.

## Deliverables

**Developer Requirements and Notes:**

* **Commit the produced code to the SVN repo at end of each work day**

* ** Planning to use Zend Framework 2 for the application**

* ** Probably use jQuery for the frontend UI**

* ** A dev site will be made available to you for testing**

* ** You should have a beta of the site working by Nov 1st**

This site is based around "social websearch", to share funny and interesting searches/results/autosuggestions. We want our users to be the first of their friends to find the most funny, interesting, and educational content for their social networks by utilizing this new tool. We want the user to be able to save and post their search at whatever stage: whether it is a Google AutoComplete suggestions, Google search results, or the final content.

Review the Image Mockups in the Attached PDF to see the initial site design that needs implemented.

**Sign-in.** The user will only need to be signed in to post or comment on a post. All users will be free to navigate any portion of the site's content without signing in. If a user would like to sign-in, they are given the option of logging in via their Facebook account or their Google account. If a user would like to register at the site, they follow the 'Join' link where the new user will need to provide an active email address, password, username, and one user icon

**Account Notification.** Similar to the social site facebook's notification drop down. When a user's post is commented on by another user or shared to another social network the original poster will be notified. When a specific notification has been seen by the user, the opacity of the post will drop-out to show it has been read.

**Discover.** The discover section expands the possibility of finding specific types of posts through the now common hash tag system. #Funny will bring up all the posts that have the hash-tagged keywords. The hash-tagged words will show up in blue in the user's comment and act as a link to populate the site with the posts that have the keyword tagged.

**Quick Post. ** If a site user finds something that they would like to post on another website, the quick post section allows for a more traditional comment and hyperlink system of posting. There are additional quick links to post to their chosen social networks and the site's own categories.

**Post.** Posting has a mixture of auto fill searching, selecting your post, commenting and tagging. Our site has a two step process for ease of finding content, selecting it, and posting it to all desired social sites.

The search described below is for posting content. There will also be searches done for posting AutoComplete results (should highlight the interesting result out of the suggestions made), as well as search results. (Searches will need to be stored in our db order to preserve them from changes).

Step 1of 2 of posting is an autocomplete search. On the first character of the user's search a pop-up window brings forward the Google autocomplete (suggestions) results for that search. In the pop up window there are 5 sections that the user can select to find web, images, maps, youtube, or news. This will determine the nature of the pop-up window's population.

If the user selects 'images' the pop-up window will look similar to image A1 below; If they select web it will look similar

to A2, etc.

On hover the image (A1) will enlarge to show the user a better view of the picture. Web, Maps, News, and YouTube will have a color alteration on hover for selection. Upon selecting the content, the user is forwarded to step 2 of 2.

Step 2 of 2 of posting shows the user their chosen image, web, news, map, or YouTube selection in an enlarged image. In this pop-up, the user will be given the opportunity to comment on their post, select the post categories, and opt-in or out-of posting to specific social networks. v1.0 will have Twitter, Facebook, and G+ for social networks.

**Expanded Post.** The posts, populating the page, are clickable for drop down, expand. On expand (clickable on any white space within the post's space), users will see additional comments made by other users, social networking share options, and an expanded image (if it is an image search) or a playable video (if it is a YouTube search). On expand, all other posts lose opacity.

**Categories.** The categories bar delineates the posts into the current 5 site categories: Top Picks, Fun, Inspirational, Educational, and YouTube. When the user posts, they are given the opportunity to choose any/all categories in which their post will reside. The Home link is a mix of all categories. Top Picks is a list of the top trending posts/ hash-tagged posts.


1. Sign In Location for user

2. User Self-Registration

3. Notification to user when others comment or share their post.


1. Home

2. Top Picks

3. Fun

4. Education

5. Inspirational

6. Youtube


Hash Tagging for social categorization

Social Plug Ins:

1. Share to "Facebook"

2. Share to "Twitter"

3. Share to "Google +"

Google Search:

1. Need to have Google Search Bar (Top Right)

Add Admin Backend:

1. admin area, with maintenance tools

1a. Delete or unpublish certain submissions

1b. Ban/disable user accounts

Skills: Amazon Web Services, PHP, Software Architecture, Software Testing, User Interface / IA, Web Hosting, Website Management, Website Testing

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