USB Web Cam OCX for Visual Basic

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    ## BIO  I am 25 years old.  I am a graduate of University of Automation,Computers and Electronics - Craiova,Romania.  I have a 5 years programming experience in Visual Basic 6.0. For the last year I have developed software for a kiosk manufacturer from France ( Some of my applications I have made are:  - a client/server application for remotely control interactive kiosks (bornes-computers) from a server, being able to: see the desktop of the kiosks, send text messages, see the output of a webcam connected to the client kiosk, see the memory and CPU used, reboot and shutdown the client. The client software can also restrict the acces to the comuter, not allowing the user to  use CTRL+ALT+DEL, registry editor etc. The soft uses MySql database to save the different info (messages, uptime etc) - an audio/video application of PC-to-PC type communication using Microsoft Real Time Communication Client (RTC)  - an application that helps the clients of a supermarket to search for products info. The application has 3 levels of subcategories, with pictures about the products, with info about the accessories of the products. The informations are stored in a MySQL type database. - a activex component used to download/upload files from FTP, download from HTTP, get the active connections and opend TCP ports, ping a host, resolve the DNS to IP. - a "Watchdog" appliction: when installed on a computer, it restricts the access to that computers till a specific application starts, disables CTRL+ALT+DEL, taskbar,desktop, registry editor and any other applications the administrator decides, monitor the CPU time used and free memory and sends alerts via e-mail when these values are higher than a specified value, look up for windows that should not be opened and close them etc.  - an activex component used to capture still pictures from a webcam and save them in JPG format to the hard-drive. - activex component used to display values on a horizontal bar char, graphic, and gauge ## Area of Expertise - Visual Basic 6.0: database, winsock programming, sql, RTC, experience with image editing and edge detection - MySql - Crystal Reports - Linux - configure as internet server (router), email server, http server

    PHP, Visual Basic, Photography, and Windows Desktop

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    Nr Exeter,  United Kingdom

    PHP, C Programming, Java, and Adobe Flash

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    ## BIO Ekta Kapoor Ganguly B.E. Computers, S.P. University, V.V. Nagar Lecturer in B.C.A., B.Sc., Christ College, Rajkot ## Area of Expertise Visual Basic (Full)

    PHP, Java, Visual Basic, and Photography

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    ## BIO **Software Development Experience:** ·   More than 7 years software development experience ·   Developed Multimedia applications using VC++, DirectX, OpenGL, Directshow, c# ·   Database projects using oracle/developer and VB/SQL ·   Expert in development of VC++ applications using COM, DirectShow and DirectX SDK **Technical Skills:** Have good knowledge of System Analysis, Design and Documentation, and am proficient in the **development** using **Windows programming APIs, DirectX APIs, MFC and Directshow Filters**. **Software Development Experience:** ·         Vonemm Singapore® (*Software engineer*) ·         AZM ®(Sr. Programmer) **Project Developed ** *<u>**Projects:**</u>* ***Hardware (Philips SAA 7146 +* *PCI**Bridge**+ 7115 decoder) Based Capturing/Editing Application:*** Developed an application to capture MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, WMV, DivX, XviD streams from DV Camcorders, TV Tuner and other video sources attached with Philips SAA 7146 based PCI Board. ***Generic TV Tuner Application for PCI Analog TV Tuners (Philips 7134, 7130, 7131):*** Developed a TV viewing and capturing application for various PCI Analog TV tuners based on Philips 7134, 7130 and 7131 chipset. The application provides like channel scanning, channel surfing, capturing from tuner source or composite/S-Video source, full application control using remote control and etc. ***Digital TV Tuner (DVB-T) Application:*** Developed an application for PCI & USB based Digital TV Tuners (DVB-T) using Microsoft Broadcast Architecture (BDA). The application allows user to watch and record TV channels in Mpeg-2 Transport Stream or Program Stream from the Free to Air Digital Broadcast (DVB-T).    ***Network Media Player (ESS ES6425 Media Processor):*** Researched and developed the application for ES6425 using Accelerated Technology Inc.’s Nucleus RTOS. ES6425 is the ESS proprietary Programmable Multimedia Processor core consisting of 32-bit RISC and 64-bit DSP processors that enable simultaneous parallel execution of system commands and specialized multimedia decoding tasks. The ES6425 includes a memory controller which interfaces to 8-bit or 16-bit DRAM with up to 128-Mb capacity. The RISC controller runs a network stack enabling the playback of a real time multimedia stream from a networked server. ***High Definition Network DVD/Media Player (Sigma Designs EM8620L Processor):*** Researched and developed the device firmware and PC based UPnP Media Server application for High Definition Network DVD/Media Player in collaboration with a partner company. EM8620 is Media Process from Sigma Designs which is capable of playing various kinds of High Definition Video files over the network using wired or wireless network. The firmware side development is based on embedded Linux. The product is successfully released to consumer electronics market, for more information please visit. <a href= ""></a> ***COM based SDK for CS92288Mpeg Encoder Hardware:*** Researched and developed COM Based SDK for Cirrus Logic’s CS92288 Mpeg Encoder/Decoder hardware. The SDK can be used to develop Mpeg encoding and decoding application in Visual C++, Visual Basic and other COM supported development tools. ***Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-ins for Video Capturing/Editing Hardwares:*** Developed 4 plug-ins of different video capturing devices for Adobe Premiere Pro using Visual C++/Visual C++.Net and Adobe Premiere Pro SDK. The plug-ins allow user to capture Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2 and other Adobe Premiere supported video formats within Premiere GUI. ***UPnP Media Server and Renderer Software:*** Did research on UPnP Media server and Renderer software using UPnP AV specification and Intel UPnP development tools. Developed the Initial Level UPnP Media Server application using Intel AV stacks and UPnP Media server specs. (<a href= ""></a>) ***Window Media Format Capturing/Streaming: *** Developed an application for Windows Media format (WMV / WMA) capturing and streaming for all DirectShow supported WDM video capturing and Tuner devices. Tools and technologies used are Microsoft DirectShow, Microsoft Windows Media Format SDK, Visual C++ and Microsoft Windows Media Compression Manager. ***Generic IR remote Control Utility for* *Windows**Media**Center**Edition: *** Developed a generic IR remote Control utility for Windows Media Center Edition Software. The utility allows user to use any IR remote Control (Connected to USB) to control the functionality of MediaCentersoftware. ***Generic Stream Capturing and Multimedia Content Managing Application:*** Developed an application to capture streams from any video source, to playback DVD Disc, and manage multimedia contents. ***      DirectShow based Video Logo filter:*** Developed a DirectShow based Video Logo filter which accepts any kind of RGB input and facilitate application developer to put any bitmap image on any video stream while encoding or decoding. The key features of this COM based filter are Transparency of video logo, co-ordination change in real-time and usage of free size video logo. ***Networked Attach Storage (NAS) (running project) *** Currently working on a NAS product using Storlink NAS controller SL3316 and SDK. Storlink NAS Controller is using Monta Vista Linux as embedded OS so most of the development is for Monta Vista Linux. This NAS device will allow user to store data on Network without the need of PC and will allow using RAID 0, 1 and 5 + it also support print server and device connectivity through USB or PCI interfaces. **EzVCD (Visual C++ Directshow)** **Product Overview:** MPEG Digital is the universal standard for Digital Video and Audio on your computer - enabling you to edit, store and distribu ## Area of Expertise Multimedia Programming using - DirectShow DirectX SDK - Visual C++ - Expert in OCX/DLL/COM -C#,.net COM Tech -MFC -Graphics programming using -Direct3D -OpenGL -Databse App -Many projects also done in VB/SQL and oracle/Developer (But untouch with databses from last 1 yr:), Before that have developed stock,sales,finance,budget and marketing systems for Treet Cor[oration, thal Engineering compony). They r still using it.   Visual C++, MFC, DirectX, Multimedia Programming, Graphics Programming, Directshow, OpenGL.

    PHP, Perl, ASP, and C Programming

  • exrobert Profile Picture


    GuangZhou,  China

    directshow programming, something like 1) capture media streams from media sources(webcam, DV, capture card..); 2) convert media between 2 different formats; 3) media streaming to internet.

    C Programming, Visual Basic, .NET, and Windows Desktop