Install/Config of Apache based server

Budget $30 - $250 USD
Bids 23
Average Bid $175

I need someone who has demonstrable skills in the setup and configuration of the following:
Apache 2
TinyCore Linux

and possibly SAMBA and FTP

I need to set up a box to use as a server so my clients can up/download files. I will install the required software on the server, but I need someone with in depth knowledge of Apache et al to set up and configure access and security. I also need your input on what packages need to be installed on the server to ensure the most reliable and secure access to the server. The server will be hosted at my office with access via a fixed IP address. I have registered a domain name to use just for the server and will arrange to direct the domain to the server once the project is complete. In the interim I would prefer the winning bidder to work on an offline version so that I can test this locally - please advise your preferred way of remotely accessing the server until it goes live.

To reiterate, security is paramount - I accept that I will have to expose the server to the world, but I need to minimise the possibility of the server being exploited. Please ask if you require further details.

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  • seadz Profile Picture


    Perm,  Russian Federation

    Systems: Linux (Debian/RedHat/CentOS/Ubuntu/SUSE/Gentoo), FreeBSD, Cisco IOS Services: apache, tomcat, nginx, bind, unbound, exim, postfix, dovecot, mysql, postgresql, openldap, squid, pure-ftpd, proftpd, samba, jabberd, asterisk, mpd, zabbix, nagios, cacti, rrdtool Protocols: HTTP, SSL, SMTP/POP3/IMAP4, XMPP, DNS, DHCP, SIP, H323, IPSEC, OSPF, BGP4, Netflow, PPPoE, SNMP Programming: sh/sed/awk, unix c, perl

    Perl, System Admin, Linux, and Web Security

  • atharvasolutions Profile Picture


    Ahmedabad,  India

    Atharva Solutions is a leading open source solution provider in the area of Portals, Enterprise Content Management, E-Commerce, Enterprise Integrations and Big Data. Atharva Solutions is focused on delivering excellence through its strong technology and management capabilities. Atharva Solutions believes in open standards and offers low cost enterprise class solutions by leveraging industry class open source products like Liferay, Alfresco, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle, MongoDB , Hadoop and Pentaho. Atharva Solutions offers high end services which includes custom development, performance tuning, trainings, support & maintenance, IT infrastructure support, consulting, cloud infrastructure and management.

    System Admin, Linux, J2EE, and Cloud Computing

  • mmdevelopersteam Profile Picture


    MOSCOW,  Russian Federation

    Experience in assembly, repair and maintenance of any type of servers (Dell and HP smart and Professionals Servers) Experience in assembly, repair and maintenance of any type of personal computers and Laptop. Experience in assembly, repair and maintenance of any type of networks components (as routers, switches, modems). Experience in network management systems based on Linux and Windows. Datacenter Design. Implementation of Windows Domain and other services in Samba4. Installation and advanced configuration of Mail Server in Zimbra. Experience in designing and installing networks intranet environment. Experience using integration tools for Internet Bandwidth Management and Optimization. Optical redundancy systems in LAN. Network Administration Services: Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, SQUID, MS. Exchange. Manage computer labs based on GNU/Linux and Windows. Programming Languages: HTML(Basic), JavaScript(Basic), and PHP(Basic). Database Management Systems: Microsoft Access, MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQL Server CMS: Drupal, Joomla, Plone

    Banner Design, System Admin, Linux, and Logo Design

  • nsplit Profile Picture


    ATHENS,  Greece

    (Note: Guys, it is not possible to post EVERYTHING in my portfolio. Please feel free to discuss with me your case.) Many people say "I'm a 5+ years Linux expert.", but what does "expert" really means? I've been writing Linux shell scripts and I have been administrating Unix/Linux systems since I was 15. I have 15+ years of experience with *continuous* research in the latest technologies. - Wide experience in System Administrating BSD/Linux and all kinds of distributions. - Special Linux distributions development for servers & Embedded ARM,MIPS,x86 microcontrollers. - Device Manufacturing with special hardware and sensors. - Advance Networking , Tunneling, VPN. ===== - Wide experience in Web based applications, Web sites, e-shops, web interfaces of any kind. - PHP, HTML5, CSS, MySQL, Jquery, C, Shell scripting, Graphics design experience. ===== - VoIP applications experience (automations, security, prototype devices). - Video/Audio Streaming

    PHP, Javascript, Website Design, and System Admin

  • tanujchugh Profile Picture


    Jaipur,  India

    Certifications * Red Hat Certified Engineer * Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS) o Red Hat Certified "Network Service & Security" o Red Hat Certified "Linux Directory Server & Authentication Security" o Red Hat Certified "Security Enhance Linux Web Hosting Expertise:- WHm/Cpanel, Website Panel/ DotNet Panel ,Plesk Panel Managed Dedicated Services,Managed VPS Services, Server Management, Server Security Server Monitoring , Server Setup and Management, Backup Management , Backup Recovery, Server Migration, SSL Installation , Interspire Email Marketer ,Bulk Mailing Server DDOS Protection, NGINX Unix Type Operating Systems LINUX RedHat7.x, 8, 9 to Enterprise Linux FedoraCore x, CentOS 5x 6.x, Slackware 8,9.x Ubuntu / Debian UNIX Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10 (Sparc and Intel) FreeBSD 4.x - 8.x OpenBSD Virtualization technologies:- Open VZ Virtuozzo Hyper v Database Servers MSSQL 2005/2008, MySQL Applications SMTP Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, Power MTA (PMTA) Domain Keys/DKIM dkim-milter, dk-filter, opendkim, dkim-proxy, qmail domainkeys/dkim patches POP/IMAP CourierImap, Fetchmail, Qpopper, Dovecot Other Mail Vpopmail, Ezmlm, Maildrop, SquirrelMail with many modules WEB Apache (mod _php, mod_jk2, mod_jserv, mod_auth, Virtual webhosting, chroot) Tomcat, JBoss Squid (refresh patterns, transparent, async, diskd, icp) DNS Bind (acls, replication, chroot) NetFlow Flow-Tools, FlowScan Radius FreeRadius, Radiator (realms, proxy, mysql, oracle and mssql configurations) Monitoring/Graphing Nagios, MRTG, RRDtools, Smoke Ping, Cacti, SquidGraph Aniti Spam/Anti Virus Spamasassin with razor2 pyzor bayes, OpenBSDs spamd (grey listing), ClamAV, qmail-scanner PPPoE Roar Penguin PPPoE, BSD PPPoE Server Software Raid Solaris Volume Manager SNMP Net-SNMP (customized enterprise OIDs) Security tools Tripwire, Portsentry, TCPwrappers, NMAP, PAM, Sudo, chkrootkit DHCP ISC DHCP Server(Linux installation using PXE boot) FTP Vsftpd, Proftpd Other Applications POPTop (ppptp server) Quota-tools, PhpMyAdmin, Daemon-tools, IProute2, NFS, Syslogd, Yum, CVS-UP, Portupgrade, samba Email Campaign Managers:- Interspire, OpenEmm Firewalls UNIX/LINUX iptables, ipchains, ipfw, pf, ipf Devices OSs filtering in ios, aos, webos, extremeware CBQ, dummy net, ALTQ, iptables(byte limit), SNAT, DNAT, multiple gateways routing, port forwarding, filtering on criteria of TTL/TOS/MAC, statefull inspection, SYN flood protection. CSF Website Development:- *CMS Development *Wordpress and Joomla Development *E-Commerce Development *WHMCS Development

    PHP, Javascript, Website Design, and Graphic Design

  • russh82 Profile Picture


    St.Petersburg,  Russian Federation

    Over 3+ years of experience Deploy, troubleshoot and administer Linux server instances Develop scripts using bash/PHP Setup and manage common network services: www (Apache/Nginx), dns(bind), smtp(postfix), dhcp(dhcpd), cifs (samba), sql(mysql). Setup and manage linux kernel firewall using iptables, Setup and manage traffic control and shaping using tc Compile, setup and manage virtual infrastructure Xen Solid understanding of OSI network model Basic configuration of Cisco devices. Basics/hobbies: Java/C# GUI Programming PHP programming (CI framework) C programming Microcontroller programming and prototyping (AVR)

    PHP, C Programming, Python, and Script Install

  • wiseguy707 Profile Picture


    Lahore,  Pakistan

    We have over 6 years of experience In short we are Linux, UNIX, Email Marketing and Networks experts but its not enough to explain our expertise. In Linux/UNIX side we have expertise in any flavor of Linux either RedHat family flavors like CentOS or Debian family like Ubuntu, Other than that FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris (on Sparc and Intel Both). We manage and troubleshoot a very large variety of software/applications for exmaple apache, cpanel, MySQL and its replications in multiple roles, DNS, Nagios, Cacti, MRTG RRDToos, PPPoE servers, Raidus Servers, TACACS Server, Tomcat, Net-sntmp, Squid, DHCP Servers, NFS, VPN server like POPTop, Juniper roouters, swtches, firewalls, Postfix,qmail,exim), mail pop3/imap (courier), DNS (BIND), http (apache), php, mysql, VPN (openvpn/l2tpd, pptpd), bandwidth shaping (tc), firewall (iptables), scripting (bash,perl,pyhon). Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, ASA, voice gateways etc, student assignment related to IT.

    Script Install, Windows Desktop, Linux, and Technical Writing

  • crdmendoza Profile Picture


    Mandaluyong City,  Philippines

    Experienced Developer, Systems Analyst and Administrator

    System Admin, Linux, Mobile Phone, and SQL

  • Jsebas200 Profile Picture


    United Kingdom

    IP Telephony (VoIP), CTI, IVR, Networking, VMware, UNIX, Windows, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Zentyal, Solaris, Sybase, SIP, H.323, SCCP, MGCP, Telephony Gateway, Gatekeeper, ISDN, Audio Codecs, QoS, ITU-T MOS, PESQ tools, Cisco Switches & Routers, IP Sec VPN and MPLS VPN and many other Contact center technologies such as Aspect Predictive Dialers, Unison, Ensemble, Unified IP, Enterprise Campaign Manager, Work Force Management, Avaya ACD, Cisco Call Manager Express and Cisco Unified Communication Manager.

    PHP, Graphic Design, System Admin, and Linux

  • werac Profile Picture


    MontrĂ©al,  Canada

    Over 5 years of experience as software developer and system administrator. Always looking for new challenges and to fulfill clients expectations.

    PHP, Python, Linux, and Engineering