Clone a _T.R.A.D.E.I.N_ Website

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Duplicate o.r.a.n.g.e.o.f.f.e.r_com with following addition.

[Before you proceed further, please visit above site and go through every pages and gernerate a test quote]

Locate an item by category hierarchy (like g.a.z.e.l.l.e_com and u.s.e.l.l_com). So if a seller wants to sell a 16G i.P.h.o.n.e 4S from AT&T, then his navigation path will be: i.P.h.o.n.e-> 4S -> AT&T -> 16G. The category hierarchy should be configurable in a category table. Each category is configured with a parent, a template file, and an image. The template file is used when generating a category page. Items only belong to leaf categories.


1. User functionality is the same except the above addition.

2. Admin functionality is as below.

1) All functionality for site operators to easily manage and operate such site is required. Some of them are specified in following lists.

2) Ability to easily manage static content, categories and items

3) Ability to easily set item price based on its conditions

4) Ability to easily manage user accounts

5) Ability to easily manage quotes and its statuses

6) Facilitate secure payments to sellers via PayPal or mailed check

7) Automatically generate and email prepaid shipping labels to sellers

8) Automatically email to sellers about quote statuses



2. YII or Codeigniter is prefered

3. An existing CMS system is required to manage static pages

4. I can provide well-defined DB schema


1. DB schema is finalized and sample data (from target sites) are populated

2. All user functionaly is ready for beta testing

3. 2 is fully tested and ready for release

4. All admin functionaly is ready for beta testing

5. 4 is fully tested and ready for release

6. Everything is ready for handover

Time to finish: 3 weeks

Before you bid, please make sure you fully understand the business model and process. The best way is for you to go through every pages of the target website and generate one or two test quotes.

Skills: Codeigniter, MySQL, PHP, Website Design, Yii

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