IFTTT recipe to retweet #r tweets 12 hours later


I'd like an IFTTT recipe to retweet #r tweets 12 hours later.

(My twitter handle is @nigelpaul_com)

The challenge is that IFTTT recently dropped Twitter as a source of "triggers" in recipes.

However, you can still use RSS of Twitter for triggers.

As far as I can tell, there are two RSS feed sources:

(1) statuses: [url removed, login to view]**nigelpaul_com**.rss

(2) search/mentions: [url removed, login to view]@nigelpaul_com

If you use the statuses RSS feed, you get a "@nigelpaul_com: " at the beginning of each tweet. Not good.

If you use the search RSS feed, you don't get the "@nigelpaul\_com: " (which is good), but it includes all tweets by other Twitter users with "@nigelpaul\_com" mentioned. Also not good.

Plus, if you use either the statuses RSS feed or the search RSS feed, you get an endless loop for #r tweets because when the IFTTT recipe sees the #r trigger it "fires", reposting the tweet 12 hours later with the #r still in it. So, 12 hours later, it sees the #r post again, and reposts it again. And on and on. Not good.

Note that once I figure this out I would like to replicate the solution for six more hash tags (#r16 for 16 hours later, #r24 for 24 hours later, #r36 for 36 hours later, #r2 for 2 days later, #r3 for 3 days later, and #r4 for 4 days later).

Whoever I select for this project will get the full amount upon solving the problem for me.

Skills: PHP

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