Merchant-User email exchange reply-to email address, Translations, Front-end Design Changes for a Magento website

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This project consists of many small details of an online art gallery website, made with Magento. I have tried to illustrate what needs to be done on the screenshots attached.

I have numbered the screenshot from 1 to 14 so that it will be easier to do one by one. I have also added a sub-number for those details which are related to each other. For example, current-9-1, current-9-2, current-9-3 and current-9-4 are all related to each other. The screenshots named 'current' shows how the website currently looks. I have written explanation and instructions on them.

The screenshots named 'new' are how the page is supposed to look after the changes. I have created 4 new screenshots. For example, new-1 is how the current-1 is supposed to look after the changes you will make on it.

I didn't created 'new' screenshots for the 'currents' from 5 to 14 because the instructions on them are sufficiently describing how they should look after the project.

I think the more challenging parts of the project are;

Please see screenshots Current-5-1 and Current-5-2: The customer needs to send an email to the artist to ask any question. I don't want the artist to see the email address of the customer because the trade might be completed outside, eliminating the website. So, when the artist receives the email from customer, the artist should see an 'reply-to' email address of the website on the email. When the artist replies to that email address, the email should go to the email address of the customer. All emails should be visible to the administrator of the website to monitor the exchange of information.

When the customer receives the reply email from the artist, the customer should NOT be able to see the email address of the artist, but another 'reply-to' address. So, the emails go back and forth between the customer and artist; but, they won't know each other's email address.

Both the customers and artists are registered users of the website. Please let me know if Smtp or other services may be needed to perform this task. I hope I could explain sufficiently. Please ask if you need further clarification.

Please check screenshots current-12-1 and current-12-2: There is a module called 'customerpartners' which allows the upload of a new artwork on the front-end by artists. Because our company is located in Turkey, we don't want foreigners to view the sections where the new artwork is uploaded. So, the two sections which are shown on the current-12-1 and current-12-2 should be invisible on the store views other than Turkish store view.

The rest of the screenshot are related to small front-end design changes, translations of the words which couldn't be translated by inline translation and allowing the 'customerpartners' module accept the fields and file names written by foreign languages such as Turkish.

Please check all the screenshots.

Thank you,

Skills: Email Marketing, HTML, Magento, PHP, Website Design

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