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Hi folks

I need to get a quotation system integrated into a very small database of foods.

The way i want it to work is that it must flow from page to page

So client goes to website and clicks on view price lists and they get presented with a search box to search for the specific items or seach through set menus to view prices there and then.

Second option is to get a quote.

They can email a pdf of the quote to themselves or email the quote, I will want to harvest the email addresses they enter when they send the email to themselves with the quote.

The harvested emailss will recieve a follow up email about 3 days after they get a quote to offer them a more personalised quote and or reduced prices if they book the job.

The first page of the quote system will ask them to select type of event, time or date of event, give location, name etc, in this part, i want to style it so that the request for personal information is as limited as possible and buried creatively within other requests, such as colour theme, type of event etc.

the second page will ask them to select the number of guests and or heads

the third page will ask what type of foods and again a search box when they type a meal name it will find it and display the price and a box for them to select how many people they want that meal for

the page with the foods will have to recur with the search box and show their choices in a box on the right and continue until when they check the box to say - finished choosing meals

then the next page asks about staff, then equipment, then crockery/plates and so on till the end

where they get the option to send a booking request or email quote and

if they select to make a booking request it must ask them for contact details and email details. once done

this prompts them to set up an account to save their quote/wishlistquote and explains that this will allow them to keep an eye on their booking and to get further discounts and special tasting session offers.

If they ask for an email of quote or booking request, once this is actioned on admin panel there will be scope to post the booking confirmation to their account they set up and to request a deposit payment.

there will be an automated system to tell them the deadlines for payment.

they will also have option to book discounted tasting session from within their account as well

immediately they open the account an email goes to them to welcome them,

after 3 days we send them a reminder email offering money off

after another week etc

When they sign up for the account must accept terms and conditions for service provision and site toc etc.

There is also another area which allows small or individual chefs and caterers and cooks and waiting staff to register their details and be stored on a database on the site

There is another area which encourages companies to advertise on the website and register to do so and pay a tiny fee for the advertisement.

Very very tiny budget on this and the website already exists so the coder will be fitting all this and deploying it to fit in with the existing html site which can be converted to php if needed to ease coding.

suggestions are welcome, definite about the plan and scheme as shown above and this is a fixed fee and very tiny budget very small company.

If this goes well, many more to come This is a simple project, straightforward.

Maximum bids considered is $75

Thanks so much for considering working with us.

Skills: Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Website Design

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