WORDPRESS A user toplist.


Show toplist of members


Every point is assigned by clicking a button(add a point) at a specific page.

When button is clicked, are you sure you want to add a point to this user script appears. -> CANCEL / YES

Every click generates 1 point.

Default view is toplist of most given points current year.

Show by alphabetic order,

Show by Username,

Show by firstname,

Show by lastname,

Show by year

Search user by username, firstname, lastname, year.

When its a new year the points of all users begins from 0.

So a new toplist every year. But still all the points from the previous year is saved so the users and visitors can look back and se all the members totalpoints from previous years.

Show all the years toplists on this page but current year at the top. Most previous year at bottom.

widget of 5 top member(most points current year) in sidebar. + Link to This page under the list in the widget.

Output example of how the list for each user should show:

[PETSSON][1] - Peter Hedman - 2013 - 30 p

PETSSON = username

Peter = firstname

Hedman = Lastname

2013 = the year

30 p = number of points

When clicked the link([PETSSON)][1]a dropdown area shows all the dates when the user have been assigned a point that year.

Skills: PHP

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