php driven - User Profile and Ordering App


Seeking php application to enhance current testing application. The desired php application will work as follows:

"Creating New Profile and Paying for Test"

1. On the 'Create new Profile' Screen: Users can create a user profile consisting of fname, lname, email on the new profile screen. The password will be verified by the user and the contents stored in an Mssql database table. Note: If the user has already taken a test, the application will retrieve the test id from the cookie stored and save the id in a new table called "PreviousTest" (will discuss later in document).

2. Once the New profile is created, the application returns the "Profile" Screen. The profile screen will have all the information the user entered into the 'Create new Profile' screen and it will have two additional links. The first link is called 'Previous Test' the second 'Available Test'. When the user clicks on either link a new screen is displayed (see content below). The screen will also have a <Credits Available> field. When a user purchases credits, the number will reflect the credits purchased, but NOT used. When a person takes a test, a credit is deducted.

3. On the 'Previous Test' Screen: the user will be shown their name and have a separate table with the following information retrieved from the "PreviousTest" table of the database for that user: <TestName>,<TestDescription>,<DateTaken>,<Link to Summary>. The <linktoSummary> allows the user to click on the words and the previous test results will be displayed in a new window.

4. On the 'Available Test' Screen: Here the user can view available test and purchase credits so they can take tests. The screen will have the users name and will also have a <credits available> field. The screen will also have a list of available test. This information is retrieved from the database. The table listing of the test will show <TestName>,<TestDescription>,<Cost>,<Qty>,[TakethisTest],[GiftTesttoFriend]. Note: <testname>,<testdescription>,<cost> will come from the database.

<Qty> will be an input field for the user to update. They will be purchasing credits.

[TakethisTest] if the user has credits available, they can click this link and immediately begin taking the test. You do not have to worry about the test.

[GiftTesttoFriend] if the user has credits available, they can click this link and a pop-up window will appear. You do not have to worry about anything [GiftTesttoFriend] code.

When the user changes the <Qty> field, the Total Cost for credits is automatically updated. This field should be located at the bottom of the Availabe Test table.

When the user finishes making selections to purchase, they will select a Purchase button. Selecting this button will send information to Paypal. You do not have to worry about this.

5. Paypal Response: When the user completes payment at paypal, paypal will return a confirmation code. Your application should read this code and update the <creditsavailable> for the user and tell the user the status of the transaction

"Accessing Previously Created Profile"

1. User will select a link on external website. Your application will present user with the 'Login to Profile' Screen. Your application will verify login and display the 'Profile' Screen discussed in above in number 2.

Created application must be professional quality - error free - visually appealing with graphics and color.

I will escrow payments to freelancer as we progress. Payments will be released with completed and acceptable application.

Skills: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design

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