Prototype Mac Texas-Hold'Em Poker Advisor (1154021)


Prototype Mac Texas-Hold'Em Poker Advisor

The project will involve the following: -

* Developing a method (possibly by OCR?) of interrogating the online poker table and extract all the play data. This may be found in a hand history displayed alongside the table on the screen, and saved to a particular hard-drive location.

* Reverse-engineering a current poker training program to use its expert engine to determine a good action to take at the table. This program makes its decisions based on game algorithms and data about opponents via a set of rules. These shouldn't be too hard to find for someone in-the-know, as a friend of mine managed to get a decent way towards finding them in a matter of 15 minutes. I am unsure in what format player data is stored but this is also an essential part.

* Take the interrogated table information and insert it "into the hands" of the expert engine.

* The engine will then generate a suggested response.

* The suggested response will be displayed to the user

## Deliverables

The program will have the following attributes: -

* NO AUTO-PLAY REQUIRED - this is NOT a poker bot.

* The program only has to play one table at once - a 9 handed No-Limit Hold'Em Ring Game. More playing options may be considered if this is successful.

* It does not have to be pretty. This is a prototype that will be tested and possibly taken for further development.

* Ideally this would be developed for Mac OSX Leopard, but open to suggestions on Windows

* The lower bid suggestion is because this is a prototype. Should it prove successful it will be sent for further development, most likely to the original coder as they will have knowledge of the system already.

* It must be undetectable by the poker site. I dont think this is a problem for Mac but just to be sure i.e. it must not be called [url removed, login to view] or similar, as poker sites scrape for these sort of names, and as this is advisory only, it is not against poker site rules.


Skills: Chrome OS, Engineering, Linux, Mac OS, MySQL, PHP, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing, UNIX, Windows Desktop

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