Need XML feed Wordpress Plugin Developed and Incorporated into Wordpress Theme

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Wordpress plugin created that imports coupon and deals data from [url removed, login to view] in the form of an XML feed on a daily basis. (Popshops documentation: [url removed, login to view])

Plugin will have an interface that works as an application inside of the Wordpress dashboard.

Each Wordpress Post is identified by a certain Wordpress-designated ID number.

For the purpose of this plugin a separate table will need to be setup for use of the plugin inside of Wordpress

This plugin will be responsible for (on a daily basis) querying the Popshops API to acquire deals in the form of XML and insert those deals into the Wordpress table for the plugin for display on the site. This is how that will happen specifically:

There will need to be a place inside of the Plugin panel in Wordpress where the popshops number can be entered and matched up with the the Wordpress ID. if I assign a post to a category like "Travel", inside the plugin admin panel, I need to be able to select the "Travel" category. And, the plugin will know that anytime a post is assigned to the "Travel" category, the daily API call needs to be run on all posts assigned to that category.

As previously mentioned, the XML from Popshops will be converted into a table that will be added as a separate Wordpress table. Each deal will be registered as a row in the table. Let's say the Popshops ID for a particular merchant is 123456. Each day, the API process runs and returns 5-10 deals for a particular merchant.

Inside the admin panel for the plugin, I need to be able to click on a particular merchant and see all of the deals for that merchant.

For each deal (row) in the database I need to be able to manually include an additional block of text within the admin of the panel.

Ultimately, when displayed in the post, there will be 2 sections. There will be a "Top Coupons/Deals" area and a section for the rest of the deals. When a detail is a "top deal", I need to be able to number them in order and they will be added to the top deals section. And, the rest of the deals need to go to the section for the rest of the deals. Alternatively, if I DO NOT select any deals for a particular merchant, the two most recently listed deals will be considered to be the "Top Coupons/Deals". The manual numbering always needs to supercede the automatic numbering process. So, there will need to be 2 different columns in the table - one for manual numbering and one for automatic.

From there, each API Post needs to have 2 snippets of code generated that I can insert into a Wordpress post. It will be your responsibility to ensure that this works and that the deals from the feed are included.

There will need to be 2 snippets created for each post - one for the "Top Deals" section and one for the other deals. These snippets will show the plugin where to insert the coupons and deals from the database.

I also need the ability to be able to add rows manually and plugin must have the ability to de-duplicate so that the same deal does not get entered twice into the database.

When you are querying popshops, one one of the output fields contains "start dates". And it also contains expiration dates. This plugin must be able to purge the table when the date of a deal expires automatically.

Also, there needs to be a way to manually go through the tables in the plugin panel and manually eliminate deals merchant-by-merchant.

Once the code snippets have been included in a post, the deals that were converted from XML to cells in the table need to be displayed vertically -

The deals are to be displayed in html text with formatting controlled by CSS and NOT to be displayed as tables.

All links displayed are to be displayed in the popshops link format - (the format that includes the affiliate ID).

On the home page and the “coupons/deals” pages, I need to have a snippet of code that will display deals sorted by category.

Skills: CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress

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