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I am looking for a flash-based MP3 player that will read an XML file containing a few hundreds of songs, shuffle the songlist and play the songs one-by-one. The experience that the user will get is just like listening to a radio-station.

The player should be capable of integrating into any web browser or website.

Here are the requirements in detail:

1. XML-based playlist, with optional shuffle. This means that I will hear the songs in a different order every single time I launch the player. Shuffle should be optional and specified in the XML file.

2. Define an "intro MP3": a pre-set MP3 file that will always play before the playlist begins playing the first track (e.g. when launching the player, the user will hear something like "thank you for choosing MT radio!", and only then the playlist starts to play). The "intro MP3" file is specified in the XML.

3. Ability to add "jingles": every X songs the player will play a predefined list of MP3 files (e.g. every 4 songs the listener will hear something like "you're listening to MT radio!", afterwhich the playlist resumes). The "jingle" files (there can be several of these) and the intervals in which they play within the songs defined in the playlist, are specified in the XML file.

4. Crossfade between songs, so that songs will seamlessly overlap and there will be no "silence" between the tracks (excluding the jingles mentioned before, that should not crossfade amongst themselves or to the songs that comes before and after the jingles play). The option whether to enable or disable the crossfade is specified in the XML.

5. Display artist/song name information based on the ID3 tags contained within each MP3 file that is being played. The text should be UTF-8 to support both English (left-to-right) and Hebrew (right-to-left).

6. The "next/back tracks" buttons can be enabled/disabled according to the XML. If the buttons are disabled, the user will not have the ability to skip over to the next track, repeat the current track or jump back to the previous track - just like listening to a live radio station.

7. Tracks should be loaded into the player as the playlist progresses. I do not want the whole list to be cached as it can be very long...

8. The player should not display the actual playlist content, so that the user will not be aware of what song is coming next after the currently playing song finishes.

** Before selecting the successful coder, I will require evidence that you have previous experience with a similar project. In particular, I would like to see that you can provide the crossfade facility.

Please ask any questions you have prior to bidding.

I am very clear with what I require from the project, and will give clear and accurate guidance throughout. But it is imperative that you have read and understood all of the above features before bidding. Please assure me that you have read these requirements to the end and that you understand every detail in your bid.

Good luck!

Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, MySQL, PHP, XML

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