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I am looking to set up a text based advertising business aimed at the rental housing and flat market. The idea is to offer a service where tenants can text a mobile number and automatically receive a list of properties with landlord contact details on. I am presently doing a costing exercise to see who can offer the services I need and at the most competitive rate. I realise that part of the business is outside the realms of web development but all i require from the developer is the database backend and scripting to be synchronised into the business. I have yet to choose a text services company as I am awaiting several to get back to me.
To give you a more precise idea of what is needed i have broken it up into two sections 1. For the tenant and 2. For the landlord
How it will work for the tenant
1. Prospective tenant sends a text to the advertised mobile number
2. The phone number is allocated a unique id so that if a further request is made within 24 hours for another list of rented property the tenant will receive a different list of properties.
3. The prospective tenants phone number is also logged and saved in the database for future marketing purposes.
4. A different number would probably be the best way to advertise 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed etc as it will makes thing easier and the numbers would be best if they ran on from each other eg; 1 Bed = 523901 , 2 Bed = 523902, 3 Bed = 523903 etc.
5. He includes the word FLAT followed by the first 2 or 3 letters of the postcode of the area he/she would like to reside.
6. The software receives the text and retrieves the data from the correct postcode column in the correct table of the database.
7. The prospective tenant receives a short list of flats including landlord phone numbers and proceeds to choose those that are suitable and contacts the relevant landlord to find out more.
8. Due to the limitation on the amount of characters allowed in a concatenated text message the prospective tenant may not find what they are looking for on the first list. Rather than sending several texts at once which as I am offering the service free to tenants would affect my profit I think it best to get the tenant to request another list if they can’t find what they want on the 1st list.
9. To make sure the same properties are not sent to the tenant the list is rotated via the use of a programmable script so every advert gets the chance to be seen.
10. If the tenant doesn’t find what he is looking for in the first list he is sent he can request a new list of flats to let by repeating the procedure and due to the rotating script along with his phone number being used as a unique Identifier he is then sent a totally different list of flat adverts.
How it will work for the Landlord
1. The landlord responds to an advert for the service which informs him of the web address and automated phone service number.
2. He then either:
Visits the website where he will write his text advertisement via a web form and proceed to pay by card whereby a confirmation email will be sent to him.
Dials an automated payment service where the procedure is explained to him via pre-recorded message and card payment taken by him pressing the characters on his phone. He will also be asked to type in his mobile phone number where he would like the confirmation text message to be sent.
3. This same text message will be what he replies to with his advert text details preceded by a unique identifier given to him in the confirmation text.
4. If he goes down the phone route the text message he receives will contain a unique ID which he will need to include as the first characters of his advert. This will tell the system that this person has paid and to include the advert in the database after the amount of characters within the advert does not go above the agreed amount as explained in his previous text message. If this happens a further text is sent to the landlord informing him of this. He will then have to adjust the advert appropriately and send again.
5. The landlord then receives an email and/or text message with confirmation of advert and payment plus a cancellation IDCODE which he can use if he lets his flat before the expiry of the advert. The confirmation text message/email will also explain the procedure of how to do this.
6. To make sure each property gets the same chance of being viewed by the prospective tenants there will be a rotating script which constantly changes the properties that appear on a tenants first requests.
7. Once the landlord has let his flat he can then text the word CANCEL followed by the advert unique ID CODE which is allocated to him at time of setup.
8. If the flat advert expires it would be useful to be able to send a text reminder to the landlord shortly before expiry to inform him that this is about to happen and ask if he would like to re-advertise.
9. Once expired the advert is deleted but the numbers (mobile and landline) are retained elsewhere in the database for marketing purposes.

I will have the same constant numbers to do this.
The system will need to be able to integrate not just web form data but also text data sent directly from the customer as illustrated above if they are to use the phone service rather than the website.
What will it cost to have this set up?
Please let me know which parts of the process you will not be able to help with.
Any recommends you can give for people or businesses that can do the other work needed would also be helpful.

This is the jist of it but there may be more things I need to add. If you spot I have missed out anything please let me know.

Kind Regards
Paul Metcalfe

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