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I wish you could record instruction to quiz word game including word spelling in the same way as you have done previously with scene narrations. The hardest part is with phonetic spelling of the words. If you are not sure how that should sound like just let me know and I will try to provide some samples. All text that is left to record is below:

Pen, eat your salad!

Tap here to read the story and play

Tap here to create words in the word machine

Tap here to revise what you've learned

Welcome to the word machine! We will use the buttons to make the word "mom"

To hear again what word we'll be writing, tap here

The first sound in the word "mom" is "m". Tap the letter which gives "m"

The highlighted letter makes the first "m" in "mom", tap the highlighted letter

The second sound in the word "mom" is "o". Tap the letter which gives "o"

The highlighted letter makes the "o" in "mom", tap the highlighted letter

The third sound in "mom" is also "m". Tap the letter which gives "m"

The highlighted letter makes the last sound in "mom", tap it!

Perfect! You put the sounds together and created the word "mom"! The word machine started working!

Look! You created the word "mom" and the machine produced Pen's mom!

Let's revise!

Now try on your own!

Use the buttons to create the word...

Look! The machine produced what you wrote!

That's the cook from the story!

This is Pen's mom!

That's a lid from the kitchen!

This is Pen's favourite ball!

This is the cook's frying pan!

This is Pen's leg

This duck is one of Pen's toys

That's the bug which likes to hide in strange places.

Pen is a kid like you!

Welcome to the Memorize section! We will revise here the words you've created in the word machine.

You will have to guess which picture represents this word

To hear what sounds the word is made of, tap its letters.

Tap this letter to hear what sound it makes

This word goes m-o-m. That makes "mom"! Tap the picture with Pen's mom!

Now you will have to guess which word represents the picture

Tap the picure to hear the word we want

Letters in this word go m-o-m, that's "mom"! This is the word we want, tap it!

Another try?

Try again!

That's not the one...


words to record (in 3 versions: separate letters read phonetically, slowly read and read normally)

just as you recorded the word mom












additional single letters read phonetically


n as in "nun"

t as in "tat"

ar as in "far", "part"

z as in "zebra"

st as in "toast", "fast"

r as in "rob"

f as in "fan"

g as in "gap"

Skills: Voice Talent

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