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I need a system for easy, elegant publishing between standard webpages and a slide show.

The standard webpages are articles consisting of text and photos. These exist already.

Second is a slideshow. This does not exist yet.

The two levels are connected. Photos (which are small) on the webpages are linked to large images in the slide show. Users shall be able to walk through the slide show, and when finding something interesting, they shall be able to click back to the first level, where an article gives full information.

First level shall have an elegant system for showing that the small images can be clicked to open a large version in slide show. Perhaps a transparent image with a magnifier.

The following tries to describe the slide show system in detail. Just note that I ask for nothing new or strange, what is defined below must be considered rather standard, as seen over and over again on the web.

The slide show shall show one image at a time, and each page shall contain:

1. the photo in the middle

2. clickable icons for photos before and after in the slide show sequence.

3. a small text box

4. links to relevant articles (see the text links at [url removed, login to view] where a preview image of the article pops up.... elegant!!!)

5. ads

The slide show shall have a system for simple editing of layouts (since there may be many slide shows, with different purposes, it should be possible to publish with several templates).

For the slide shows, there should be an "index"-page, showing icons in groups of 40 photos at a time...

All in all the slide show system should have a very normal structure.

I would be most happy if you have the skills to solve everything in Jalbum ([url removed, login to view]), of course in a modified skin somehow. Its design should not be awfully different from what you can see here:

[url removed, login to view]

or what you see on

[url removed, login to view]

(but of course with content as indicated above....)

I need a system that is easy to manage, where the number of slides can be changed, the order, the links, the text box content etc.

Think of slide shows as level 1 and level 2. Let's say that there are 1000 slides, that belong to different themes, subjects. Let's sya they deal with fooball. Then, one level the slides are defined to specific category, like i.e. football players of a certain club. The second level may then be the clubs. This way, once you reach the last slide for that specific club, you are offered to see a slide of a football player of another club, as the order is defined on the second level.

This may be a quirky way of expressing something simple. But we are in short talking about good ways of putting the slides in the correct order, so that users of the slide show actually move from one subject to a related one....

There should be a way to distinguish between the two levels, like perhaps a wider space between the clickable icons.

This project must be considered a flexible one. There may be the need to make considerable changes during its development. Therefore, when bidding, make a normal bid, but indicate also your time price in case there is extra work. Do not bid for the max work you expect, then you may not get the assignment.

About technologies. I want this thing to look elegant and smart. If you use certain publishing tools to make things happen, I will only smile. But I don't know well which technologies are the best, you must tell me.

I will not change server as of now (it is UNIX). I use a shared solution at Whatever they allows, you can use....

EXAMPLES: Tikiwiki Wiki (Unix® Only), Gallery2 Photo Gallery (Unix® Only), WordPress™ (Blog), phpBB (Forum), osCommerce (E-commerce), Joomla (Content Management)

And again, if you need escrow, don't consider this project at all. Why is that? I have a perfect pay record, will not violate that. But there has been an incident (recent) where the programmer forced me to release escrow when work was still incomplete. I lost the money, to put it short.

Skills: Adobe Flash, Anything Goes, Javascript, Joomla, MySQL, Perl

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