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Now that you’ve completed all of the assignments and lessons

in this study guide and read all of the chapters in your

textbook, you’re ready to complete this final graded project.

Throughout this graded project, you’ll use the skills that

you’ve gained throughout this study guide. Pay close attention

to all of the instructions so that your solution will be

a success.


As you progress through this final graded project, you’ll be

required to complete a number of tasks in order to create

this solution. In this final graded project, you’ll create an

HTML form and two CGI scripts for Thomas Jewelry Online.

The form will record a gift that the user selects. The user will

then be sent to the first CGI script, where the user will be

prompted to enter shipping information. After the user

presses the Submit button, the user will be sent to the

second CGI script, which will display all of the information

entered on the previous screens.


1. Create a HTML document named thomasjewelry.html.

Note: Your form action statement should be as follows:


cgi-bin/[url removed, login to view]">

Substitute your assigned username in the URL for


2. The HTML form should include the following:

• Five radio button options having the

following values:

➢ Diamond Bracelet

➢ Tennis Bracelet

➢ Diamond Earrings

➢ Pearl Earrings

➢ Onyx Ring

• A Submit button

• A Reset button

3. Create a CGI script named script1.cgi. The shebang line

for the Unix server you will using is


The CGI script should contain a form the allows the user

to enter his or her

• Name

• Street address

• City

• State

• ZIP code

The form should also include a Submit button. In

addition, remember to include a hidden field to carry

the information collected from the HTML document

form onto script2.

Note that you’ll need to include an array and a scalar

variable for the radio group values. The form action for

this form is as follows:

<FORM ACTION='http://www.educationdirectunix.

com/~username/cgi-bin/[url removed, login to view]'


Substitute your assigned username in the URL for


4. Create a second CGI script named script2.cgi. This script

should display a Web page that contains the following:

• The customer’s name and address information

• A list of the items that were ordered

Hint: You’ll need to use a print scalar variable for the

gift value.

5. Transfer the [url removed, login to view] file in binary mode to

the public_html area of your Unix server account to a

folder named PerlFinalGP. You’ll need to create this

folder for your project.

6. Transfer the [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] script in ASCII

mode to the cgi-bin within your public_html area of your

Unix server account.

7. Set the permissions on both CGI scripts to 755.

8. Test your script on the server via your Web browser by

typing in the following URL:

[url removed, login to view]

~username/PerlFinalGP/[url removed, login to view]

Substitute your assigned username in the URL for


Skills: CGI, Perl

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