Price Comparison site

Admin Panel:

o BETTER and FASTER admin panel.

o It is easier and quicker to manage with new admin panel using.

Page refreshes are minimized to give client a desktop application like experience.

o Multiple database rows’ management using single click.

o User friendly icons for better understanding of the actions available to the admin.

o Better error checking and reporting to the admin.

o NEW admin dashboard to give him quick overview of website statistics and its progress.

o Google sitemap generation

o XML and CSV datafeeds for your affiliates

• Front end:

o member login for quick login.

o member registration for quick and easy registration process. This way, more members will register your website and visitor to registered member ratio will improve.

o price alert addition.

o “refer a friend” feature so that visitors will easily refer site to their friends.

o More features for the visitors for their easy navigation like list of their recent searches and their recent visits.

o Discussion area for visitors for each product. It is a great place where visitors can discuss about that product and its features with other members.

• 1. Front end

This is the area where visitors visit and browse/search for the product.

These visitors after searching or deciding for a product are redirected to merchant website where actual purchase for that product takes place.

• Easy navigation of products by categories and sub categories, All category & sub category pages are URLs will be search engine friendly. For example :

• [url removed, login to view]

• instead of [url removed, login to view]

• 2. Merchant area (online store area)

This is the area where merchants login and manage their account. Some of the features of merchant area are to manage company profile, manage Tax amount, manage data feeds, manage prices for their products, view reports, pay for the subscription charges or per click charges and manage prices for the products.

• If admin give merchants’ privileges, merchants can also add new products into the database.

BUT it is recommended that you do not give such privileges to merchants. Script supports both.

• 3. Administrator area This is the most important area. This is the area where you manage categories, products, merchants, prices and everything related to the website.

Here you can also setup crawlers to crawl websites to get products and prices. You can also edit language files so that the site language is changed language other than English.

• 4. Affiliate area

In this area your affiliates login. There they can see the commissions they have earned by sending visitors/buyers to your website and can also see their payment history, can update how they want to be paid.

In this the area they can also download the CSV or XML datafeeds of your website products so that they can promote them and redirect traffic to your website.

It is just like an affiliate program of shopzilla, yahoo shopping, [url removed, login to view] (in business model) where you are sending traffic to them (a price comparison website) which inturn sends traffic to the merchant (online store) website for actual sale.

General Features:

• Multi language support.

• Multi currency support.

• Search engine friendly pages.

• Automatic keywords, page titles, meta tags generator.

• Custom Meta tags and page titles.

• Custom Content Management System (CMS) from where you can edit text, add images, add links and edit meta tags.

• W3C compliant homepage.

• Table less design for homepage and other important ranking pages.

• HTML sitemap, TEXT sitemap as well as Google sitemap.

• Automatic thumbnail generation using GD or imagemagick.

• Clickthrough tracking and reporting.

• Spam blocking features to prevent spam on your site.

• Google Analytics feature.

• Different predesigned templates to choose from and custom designing options.

• Tell a friend feature.

• Attractive merchant profiles page with information on their payment methods supported, their verifications.

• Easy ways to create new pages in the system.

Administrator Area:

• Unlimited categories supported (at unlimited depth).

• Unlimited products under each category supported.

• Unlimited merchants (online stores) supported.

• Unlimited products per merchants supported.

• Unlimited data feed import (server and hardware restrictions apply) supported.

• Data feed export supported.

• Unlimited brands supported and search by brands.

• Auto-Crawler, for crawling merchants' websites to get products and prices

(It is useful if a particular merchant dont support datafeeds)

• Data Feed Import, for importing products from any affiliate data feed and automatically creating products. Supports virtually every format of datafeeds.

• Banner management (Google ad sense banners supported).

• Currency management. Multiple currencies supported.

• Email template editing from within admin panel.

• Languages’ management. Multiple languages supported.

• News management.

• Packages management. These packages are for merchants.

• Registered members’ management.

• Email to registered members.

• Management of newsletter categories.

• Newsletter management for subscribed members.

• Sending newsletter to the subscribed members.

• Manage affiliates.

• Approve affiliates commissions.

• Send affiliates payments.

• Generate CSV and XML affiliate datafeeds for your affiliates

• Reports:

o Category wise products with lowest prices from merchants.

o Merchant wise click through report.

o Merchant wise payment report.

o Monthly click through.

o Yearly click through.

o Keywords searched by the visitors.

• Product ratings review and approval.

• Merchant rating review and approval.

• Click through and package payment verification.

• Merchants’ proposed products review and verification (based on your settings).

Front end:

• PHP template based design.

• Table less design for homepage and other important ranking pages (like category page, products listing page, product price comparison, login and register pages).

• Interactive Product catalog.

• Featured products on homepage.

• Featured brands on homepage.

• Product search by keyword or manufacturer code (part no).

• Search tag cloud.

• Recent searches on the website.

• Product rating.

• Merchant rating.

• Newsletter subscription.

• Latest Site News listing and ability for visitors to leave comments on news.

• Visitor activity history saving recent searches by visitor, recent visited products and wish list.

• Price alert subscription so that member is emailed when price for a product reaches certain level.

• Email to a friend so that member can refer site or product to others.

• Discussion area for visitors for each product.

• Compare products by feature.

• Compare prices for a product.

• Shipping cost calculation.

• Tax calculation.

• Top stores ranking based on click through.

• Merchant profiles.

• Face book and twitter features plus [url removed, login to view]

• Shopping blog

1.1.1 Browse products by category (on all pages)

Easy navigation of products by categories and sub categories, All category & sub category pages are URLs will be search engine friendly. For example :

1.1.2 Home page Contents

We will be using some modules (Managed from Admin Panel of website) like :

A. Featured Products – will be using Ajax enabled featured content slider which slides the few products banner in a sequence, clicking the banner will redirect to the details page of products.

B. Latest Products – Shows latest products additions to the catalog in column view.

C. Latest Offers – Shows latest offers/discounted products in column view.

D. Faetured Merchants gallery – shows scrolling/non-scrolling logos of featured merchants.

E. Latest Video – shows featured video of product on home page.

F. Latest Auction

1.1.3 Products Listing

Shows the products in rows view with summarized information’s like:

A. Auto generated thumbnail of product

B. Product name

C. Short description

D. Price

E. Merchant Name

F. Product’s Ratings & No. of Reviews

G. Link to view details page

H. Product Filter option by price range, merchants etc..

I. Paginated products listing (20 products per page … Next & Previous links for page navigation)

1.1.4 Product Details Page

Shows the product’s detailed view with comprehensive information’s like:

A. Auto generated bigger thumbnail of product (Ajax enabled full image Viewer on click)

B. Product name

C. Full description

D. Price

E. Merchant Name, Logo, Website Link, Description, Ratings, Reviews, Price Offered & link to profile page.

F. Product’s Ratings & Reviews

G. Inquiry form (Filled data by buyer will be sent to merchants inbox/mobile via SMS/Email)

H. Add to Price Watch list (Alert List)

I. Add to Cart/Buy Now

J. Refer to friends

K. Search Engine Friendly product details page, example [url removed, login to view]

L. Price History Graph of product

1.1.5 Products Search

We have 2 search options here,

A. Basic Search – shows search by keywords/categories

B. Advanced Search – Shows search by keywords/Categories/Price range/Merchants/Ratings & more options…

1.1.6 Merchants Profile Page

Shows the detailed views of merchants profile with : Name, Logo, Description, Website Link, Operating Location (Country, State), Reviews & Ratings, Inquiry Form & List of available products.

1.1.7 Price Watch List

This shows Products added to Buyer’s price watch list, whenever the price get updated from backend they get the alerts via SMS/Email.

1.1.8 Price History Graph

This shows the graphical presentation of price history of a particular product on its details page.

1.1.9 Checkout/Buy Now

This feature enables buyers to buy the products online via a simple checkout system connected with payment gateway.

[url removed, login to view] Recommend Shop

This feature enables Buyers/Visitors to recommend a shop by filling a simple form.

[url removed, login to view] Recommend Product

This feature enables Buyers/Visitors to recommend a product by filling a simple form.

[url removed, login to view] Customer Support

This section is a ticket based support system, integrated with live chat. A member/merchants can post his support question either via live chat or ticked based support system. Support Staffs will have their own login account who can reply to open tickets.

[url removed, login to view] Contest and Awards

This section is for marketing and promotion, where we apply contest and awards and the winners are selected every week/month from enrolled members during this period.

[url removed, login to view] Rebates & Coupons

Members can apply the discount coupon during the checkout. The coupon can be generated from Administrator or by merchants

[url removed, login to view] Forum

A forum will be installed & customized using the open source script like phpBB or VBBulletin where members can interact & discuss. And admin can post blog comment

[url removed, login to view] Classifieds

A basic classifieds section where people can post the classifieds and search/browse the posted classifieds by category/keywords. Also they can submit a link to their sites and description and site logo

1.2 Merchant Section

This section is for handling all modules from merchants registration/login/management/products etc..

1.3 Members/Buyers Section

This section is for handling all modules from Members/buyers registration/login/management etc..

1.4 Operating Environment

Browser Compatibility


Google chrome


Internet Explorer 7 +

1.5 Design and Implementation Constraints

Flash Player required version6+

Web space

Bandwidth for video streaming

1.6 User Documentation

1.7 Assumptions and Dependencies

Browser Assumption: - Worldwide most of window based users uses IE6+ or Mozilla and Mac based users uses safari or Mozilla. So I assume to compatible this web application with all 3 browsers.

Flash Player:-This website uses Flash Player6+, So, I assu

Scripting: - This web based application uses Ajax & JavaScript functionally. So, I assume these browsers can support scripting and JavaScript enabled.

me all most of the pc users uses Player 6+.

2. System Features

This website introduces products & its benefits. It provides all the information about the products which includes reviews & ratings, prices, merchant details, history etc..

2.1 System Feature 1

Merchants/Admin can enable any product to go under auction with time predefined time period, price & bids.

The featured auction will be shown on home page of website, and only registered/verified members can post the bid for the same.

2.1.1 RSS

A RSS feature where RSS will be generated automatically for each new posts.

2.2 Backend/Admin

2.2.1 Manage category

Admin can manage products category with Add/Delete/Update features

2.2.2 Manage Products

Admin can manage the products with Add/Delete/Update features

Set featured products

2.2.3 Manage Merchants

Admin can manage merchant’s accounts with Add/Delete/Update features

Import the products from merchant’s website

Activate/deactivate the account

List of products sold & details

Support Tickets

Reviews & Ratings

2.2.4 Manage Sales

Admin can manage all sales orders via this interface.

Manage Sales

Manage payments for sales orders

Manage shipping etc..

2.2.5 Manage Auction

Admin can manage all the auction activities via this section.

Put any product on action & define action characteristics

View Bids on existing auctions

View won bids

Manage payments for won bids

Manage shipping etc..

2.2.6 Description and Priority

Different areas of website provide different features in terms of most recommended requirements.

2.2.7 Stimulus/Response Sequences

Easy navigation system is used throughout the website.

2.2.8 Functional Requirements

Refers to appendix B: Site Map

3. External Interface Requirements

3.1 User Interfaces

Website should work and be tested against IE, Firefox, Chrome

3.2 Hardware Interfaces

Only basic components needed.

3.3 Software Interfaces

Need Windows, Mac, Linux and browser to access website

3.4 Communications Interfaces

There is no special communication interface is required.

3.4.1 Members

Admin can manage the members accounts from this interface & monitor all activities like

Sales order

Watch list

Wish List

Forum Posts

Support Tickets

Auction activities

Reviews & Ratings

& more …

3.4.2 Manage Settings

Here admin can manage all website settings like:

Setting up payment gateway


Email Templates

3.4.3 Manage Offers

3.4.4 Manage Coupons

3.4.5 Manage Podcast Videos

3.4.6 Support Desk

3.4.7 Manage Forums

3.4.8 Manage Recommended Shops

3.4.9 Manage recommended Products

[url removed, login to view] Manage Reviews & Ratings for Products/Merchants

XML API Integration:


• Linkshare XML API

• Cvs

• RSS feed

• Easy to Use and flexible system

• Scalable to concurrent operations

• Advanced filters and search to search data

• Email Notifications where ever possible to administrator and testers

• Secure and cheat proof application

• Modular Development making it easy to add features later

• Detailed reporting

• Project Designing and Documentation

• Database Designing

• Graphic Designing HTML and GUI coding

• Functionality Coding

• Functionality, validation, usability testing

• One time Project Deployment

• User Manual

• Project Features

• Merchant panel

• Visitors panel

• Transaction

• Reviews and survey

• Category

• Product

• Security

• Back up

• Database management

• Form


• Featured listing

• Speed of website

• Optimizing Application Code


• Reports

• Search mode in front end and back

• Product catalog (including featured products)

• Product comparison

• Product rating and review

• Product search

• Recent searches

• Price comparison

• Merchant rating and review

• Product search

• Recent searches

• Search engine friendly pages

• Click through tracking and reporting

• Automatic thumbnail generation using GD or imagemagick

• Details of product and their prices

• E mail to friend option

• Forum

• Product filter

• Price history (price history graph)

• Price watch

• Price Alerts for visitors

• Recommend shop – Users can recommend a shop

• Recommend product – Recommend a product

Local search by zip code or by Ip address (automatically)

Local search by zip code or by Ip address (automatically)

Product video advertising ([url removed, login to view]) home page

• Wish list Section

• Classifieds

• Customer Support

• Development Section

• Contest and Awards

• Manage Rebates and Coupons

• Spider searches that quickly and automatically searches Websites and gives result




• Easy Manual Data feed panel.

• 3 years Bug Fixing Contract

Duration to complete above mention project

• 1 month to deliver and install on 68 domains

• 1 year Quality Testing

• 3 years for maintenance after delivery


Payment will be many based on deliveries

Phase 1: Initial Analysis

We perform an initial of the Website. This analysis includes a detailed study of the activities that could be performed to improve website development and its online effectiveness.

Skills: Adobe Flash, Graphic Design, PHP, SEO, Website Design

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