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Currently I am building a site which presents company data to users. I would like to add article submissions, commenting and voting in the form of pre-built packages, as well as some other functionality, but nothing too difficult.

1. Install Django-Articles ( [url removed, login to view] ).

2. Install Disqus comment system for articles and for the company profile page ( Use HMAC [url removed, login to view] )

3. Install article voting system with django-voting. ( [url removed, login to view] ). Voting should be done using the Disqus logins. We will need some security measures in place to make sure we don't get vote fraud, so something like IP and User-Agent tracking will need to be in place. We'll talk about this later.

3a. Update current company voting to use django-voting as well. This should retire my current company voting system.

4. Write article ‘junk' flag (Similar to a ‘spam' flag).

4a. If article ‘junk' count reaches 25% or greater of the total vote count, with a minimum of 10 junks, the article should still remain in the database, just not be displayed on the site any longer.

5. Write voting calculation system for the admin panel.

5a. Voting calculation system receives vote count per article then does some math and outputs it to the admin panel for my eyes only. I'll explain this to you when you are hired, it wont be difficult to code. Just some simple math.

6. In the django-articles profile page template that comes with the package, please add some of the voting system calculation information, I'll explain this to you when hired, again, nothing difficult.

7. Divide data model into 2. (parent and child or many-to-many).

7a. In my current data model, each row represents a different company and different product. The problem with this is that a single company may have more then one product which should fall under the same company and be displayed on the same company profile page, but currently does not. Each row is a new page generated by Django.

7b. What I want is to be able to enter a company first with a few data columns like ‘company title', ‘url' then to enter products for that company separately.

7c. Currently if you click on ‘product2' it will take you to a different page then ‘product1' even though they are from 'company1'. Products should be displayed all on the same company page. Only the companies should have different pages, not the products. When I go to a company page, I should see all of the products listed for that company.

7d. After this is done, the pages should keep the same look as before, this should be a back-end change only. Attached is an image of what it looks like now. Again, it should keep this look.

PM me for any code samples. In your PM please tell me what files you will need. I'm not made of money so the cheapest bid is most likely to win.

Skills: Anything Goes, Django, Python

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