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I need someone to answer the following questions. People with a strong background in Biology with have a better chance of winning the bid.

Learning Outcome #1, #2, #3 & 4– DNA, RNA, Transcription & Translation

1. What are the base pairs in DNA?

2. What is meant by a double helix? To what common object is it often compared? What are the “steps” of this structure in the DNA?

3. What binds the individual strands of DNA?

4. How many strands of DNA make up its structure?

5. What binds the individual nucleotides together?

6. Of what is the backbone of the DNA molecule comprised?

7. What is meant by the term “genetic code”?

8. What are the nitrogenous bases in RNA? How do they differ from DNA? How else do RNA and DNA differ? What is the basic building block of nucleic acids called? What is the composition of this building block?

9. Where are the all types of RNA transcribed?

10. What is translation?

11. What is reverse transcriptase?

12. Where are anticodons found?

13. What is the releasing factor? Where is it found?

14. What happens at the termination of translation?

15. What is the function of mRNA?

16. Explain the process of elongation.

17. What is the process where the peptide bonds are formed?

18. Where does initiation of translation occur?

19. When do the large and small ribosomal subunits bin to each other?

20. What is RNA polymerase?

21. Put in order: DNA, Protein, RNA

22. Do all codons code for an amino acid?

23. What is (are) the punctuation codons?

24. What is tRNA?

25. How many tRNA’s can be in a ribosome at one time?

26. What is a promoter?

27. Why mathematically do we need codons to consist of 3 nucleotides?

Learning Outcome # 5 – Manipulation of Human DNA and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency:

1. Define the term gene.

2. What is the normal vector for introducing therapeutic genes into human


3. What is the enzyme that is too low in severe combined immunodeficiency?

4. What is a helper virus?

5. What is a plasmid?

6. What does recombiant DNA technology mean?

7. In what type of cell is the needed gene therapy applied?

8. Does augmented gene therapy remove defective genes from the genome?

Learning Objective # 6 & 7 – DNA Replication and the Cell Cycle

1. What is intron splicing and what does it allow the cell to do?

2. What is the importance of the second strand of DNA?

3. What is DNA polymerase?

4. What is a nucleosome?

5. What are the steps in mitosis?

6. What is the phase that somatic cells are in when they are not actively dividing?

7. Describe the place of the chromosomes in telophase.

8. When cells divide, what portion must be divided exactly?

9. What is cytokinesis?

10. Does each daughter cell have the same number of chromosomes as each other and the parent cell?

11. When do the chromosomes become duplicated?

12. What is ‘S’ phase?

13. What is a sister chromatid?

14. Explain diploid and haploid. Are there any other possibilities in chromosome number?

15. What makes up the spindle apparatus?

16. Where are the chromosomes during metaphase?

17. When do the chromosomes become visibly detached from one another?

18. what is the interval before DNA replication called?

19. What is EGF? How does it affect the cell? What has to happen in the cell membrane for it to work?

20. What needs to happen to the proteins that control cell division before they can work?

Learning Outcome #8 – Cancer

1. What is an oncogene? What do they often code for?

2. Define metastasis.

3. Define tumor.

4. Define malignancy.

5. Define carcinogenic.

6. What is the difference between a proto-oncogene and its mutant form?

Learning Outcome #9, 10 & 11 - Development

1. Why do we need to have cells and tissues and organs? Why can’t we be just one giant cell?

2. Is all the cytoplasm in the unfertilized egg equal?

3. What are the major stages of development? Is fertilization considered to be a part of development?

4. What is the difference between differentiation and organization?

5. In what stage of development is the human

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