DNN custom Data Viewer module development

A while ago I developed [url removed, login to view] application to view my data and have been trying, to no avail, to refurbish it and export it to DNN by finding a module that could do the job. I tried the free ones (data viewers and such) and some of the paid ones but could not manage the job.

I'm not into DNN module development and don't have time to face the learning curve. For this reason I decided to hire a freelancer.

All my data resides in 3 SQL tables on an external DB. The data is in a one to many relation.

The first table contains Titles, subtitles and a flag that toggles the public property of each the Primary Key is the title itself

TITLE – nvarchar(100)

Subtitle – nvarchar(255)

Public - bit

ID - int

The second table is in a one to many relation with the first and contains the TITLE FK, a variable number of PARAGRAPH TITLES for each title and a Text (nvarcharMAX) text description, FK is the Title and primary Key is a counter (ID as Int)

TITLE – nvarchar(100)

PARAGRAPH TITLE - nvarchar(75)

TEXT – nvarchar(MAX)

ID – int

The third table is in a one to many relation with the second table and contains the names of a variable number of photos associated to each title's specific Paragraph.

TITLE – nvarchar(100)

PARAGRAPH TITLE - nvarchar(75)

PHOTO NAME – nvarchar(100)

CAPTION – nvarchar(MAX)

ID – int

The ideal would be finding a Module that allows me to view a list of the available Titles, possibly with a thumbnail and a filter/search funcionality on the first page.

This page should then be able to pass the Title parameter to a second or an intermediate page that should view as clickable links the available paragraphs for that specific title.

This page should then be able to pass on TWO parameters (Title and Paragraph) to the final details page.

The details page should be able to manage and show data from 2 different 2 two parameter queries.

The first query should display the TEXT and look something like Select Text from ParagraphTable where Title = QuerystringTitle and ParagraphTitle = QuerystringParagraphTitle

The second query should be able to extract in a repeater the names of the images associated to the text paragraph, should be linkable to a static path in a "src" tag and it should look something like Select Photoname from PhotosTable where Title = QuerystringTitle and ParagraphTitle = QuerystringParagraphTitle. The ideal would be to have these displayed as clickable thumbnails showing the full sized images when clicked.

This way it the same module could roughly be used for mobile phones too and would require only minor changes to work smoothly.

Any idea which form could allow this kind of funcionality?

Anyone willing to develop a custom DNN MODULE with these functionalities or to customise a module for us at a reasonable price?

We are willing to pay someone to set up for us an existing module we could purchase to do the task we need or to develop or customise an existing module for us.

At the time we are using DNN [url removed, login to view] but can eventually upgrade if necessary for the new solution to work correctly

Skills: DotNetNuke, Software Architecture, SQL

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