Develop software / MY SQL Database / ecommerce website


I need the following website/software developed to be sold as a subscription model

Website: General home, about, prices, contact (with form), faq, blog, testimonials, selling pages for the 2 different types of clients,


user selects package, Set username/profiles for users- they create log in details, confirm, forwarded to form they were originally trying to get to purchase, pays for it, gets confirmation email sent to them (admin is alerted of sale).

each package is on a subscription model (want to also offer a trial package option for 1 month). The other packages will have a limited time (limited units) on it so depending on the package they can only access the results (schedule & see replies) for a certain amount of days.

once subscription expires they should be able to pay again and not have to set up completely new account - and be able to see the results that were blocked when they fell out of subscription.

Need auto notification to their email when time is about to expire letting them know they will be automatically rebilled (they should be able to turn off automatic rebilling and select manual if they would like).

once registered, whenever they would like, user fills out forms related to the specific product with restrictions/requirements*more details if i select you as my coder* , is forwarded to a calendar where they can set their schedule outlining the days/times they're available, set the scheduling increments (15/30/etc mins. or not),etc.

User submits and html code for a button is generated. User can select from a variety of buttons (think paypal's buttons).

User can view people who have made an appointment (CLIENT) on their schedule & client details. User can update listing status which notifies all clients with scheduled appointments in 1 shot via email/text. User can see all inquiries and sort them by categories of high matches, upcoming appointments,etc. User can add a listing under the same username without having to sign up again after they pay for the service. User is alerted (by email/text) for every appointment on their schedule made and every inquiry


## Deliverables

\---| On the client side -

client sees ad with the link to schedule an appointment.

STEP 1> They click the link & sees the user's schedule and sets up an appointment in the available time slots. They propose an appointment time and is taken to STEP 2

STEP 2 (registration box pops in/slides in like groupon) asking them to log in to finish submitting and appointment confirmation or to register for free. Registration only requires name and email address. If client is already registered they can log in and select to remain logged in (remember log in info). If not, they enter email and continue on automatically. They are also sent confirmation link to email but this will not hinder them from completing the current transaction)

STEP 3> CLIENT is directed to fill out user's specific screening form where they must meet the user's requirements in order to schedule an appointment. If client had already registered and logged in their settings should be saved and the form would automatically fill out or somehow their saved info would be applied *USER sees each client as ranking low, medium or high matches (for example) in terms of eligibility. user should also be able to view those who did not qualify if they so choose to make an exception and manually approve.

If approved client sees the appointment information (USER IS ALERTED TO APPROVED APPOINTMENT and is sent appointment details by mail/text. They can also log in to see appointments under appointments tab. Other tab includes inquiries, listings, my account, settings)

Client selects how they want to be reminded (email, text or phone call) and is sent the appointment information by e-mail. They may also view their appointment history (tab) and select on link for details of appointment. appointment history is sorted by appointment upcoming appointments first to last. Other tabs include profile or account and pending approvals)

They are sent an automatic email that allows them to click on a link to edit/cancel their appointment

If denied, they are alerted that they do not meet minimum requirements and must be manually approved. A request for manual approval is sent to USER and CLIENT will be alerted when that happens (approved only).


want to be able to add promotional codes

want to be alerted when a new USER pays for a package and signs up

Should be able to see list of users and clients and access their accounts for support

want to be able to remove clients/users

want to have list of users and clients on email list (joining email list is automatically checked under account settings and they must manually remove themselves)

you must agree to not resell, use or share/disclose the confidential information we exchange despite project completion or not.

Skills: Blog Design, Icon Design, Script Install, Shell Script, Software Architecture, Templates, Website Design, WordPress

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