Simple web based tool using ruby on rails


You have some good reviews so hoping we can work together. I want to build a simple ruby on rails app to help people manage their knowledge. This app is a way to collect sources of content (text, video, pictures) by theme and then organise the order of that content to 'connect the dots' between knowledge pools.

I don't have existing designs and am happy to use whatever forms ROR provides for this MVP. I need a total of six screens and am also attaching sketches for most of them. I can pay $125 for this project and I hope we can work together.

1) Login screen

a) Sign up via email

b) If social login like Facebook or Twitter can be included within buudget then great, and if not then just email login

2) View projects screen

a) Users are directed here after logging in

b) Can see all the project they're working on and can also start a new project from here

3) Add content screen, which includes

a) Drop down from where user can select existing project title or add a new title

b) Insert picture (choose existing or pull in via web link) or insert video (pull in via web link) - optional

c) Add text content manually

d) Search field for "who said it?", as seen in sketch, where people can look up the person whose text, picture or video it is, for eg Richard Branson; would like to see a small thumbnail and name of person in search; people can also select themselves as the author;

e) Invite friends to collaborate on a project. Invited friends get edit rights to the project and the project is added to their dashboard when they sign up

4) View content screen:

a) Want to see picture of person and content as seen in sketches

b) Want to see added content appear alternatively, like a Whatsapp screen layout

c) All content in this screen can be rearranged in terms of ordering and edited

d) A search function on this screen to look for specific words or phrases like a Ctrl+F function. For terms found through this search would like the options to add a highlight, bold or italicise and a 'remove formatting' option

d) An 'add more content' button at the bottom

5) Edit profile view

a) Edit email and password

b) Add profile photo option (not in sketch but would like to include)

6) CMS

a) I can see list of users and the content they are adding

b) Can delete users from this view

c) Can delete content form this view

d) The ability to add photos and names of people for the drop-down "Who said it?" in the 'Add content screen'

All done in ruby on rails. Let me know if you can help!


Skills: Ruby on Rails

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