Focus Group/Beta Testers for Free Calling/Chat/Messaging App (In Boston)


My name is Mr. Shimanaka, and I work for Multilingual Outsourcing Company, Ltd. ([url removed, login to view]). I am seeking American high school students to be part of a focus group / beta test for an upcoming free calling / chat / messaging smartphone app.

I need 2 group leaders who will each organize a group of 10 friends who are already regular users of a calling / chat / messenger smartphone app such as Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, GO SMS, Kik Messenger, Skype, Tango, Viber, etc.

If organizer is not high school student, can organize as an adult leader. Adult leader organize 10 students members. Adult leader should not join beta test. So, this style group will have 11 members.

What the group members need to do:

1. Download the free calling/chat/messaging smartphone app named “comm” to your smartphone. ([url removed, login to view]) The app is free to download and free to use.

2. Use comm for two weeks to communicate with your friends in your group.

3. After two weeks, answer an online questionnaire about your experience using comm. It should take about 15 minutes.

4. Once your entire group has completed the questionnaire we will send you a small thank-you gift in the form of an Amazon gift card or paypal credit.


Adult group leader: (U.S.) $400

Student group leader: (U.S.) $400

Thank-you gifts:

Student members: (U.S.) $100 value

Thank-you gift is an Amazon gift card or paypal credit (your choice).

Thank-you gifts are contingent on your entire group completing the questionnaire. The group leader is responsible for making sure that all group members download and test out comm and complete the questionnaire.

If adult leader organize students members, he/she can receive US$400 but should not join the test. This style group needs 10 students with adult leader, totally 11 members.

If student leader join the test, he/she should join the test & can receive US$400. This style group needs 9 students with 1 student leader, totally 10 members.

Eligibility requirements:

1. U.S. Resident living in Boston.

2. Fit into one of the target age and lifestyle demographics listed below.

3. Already a regular user of one or more of the following apps:

Facebook Messnger

Google Talk


Kik Messenger





Windows Live Messenger

Yahoo Messenger


Text Plus


Kakao Talk




4. Student members not eligible if they are extremely familiar with Japanese pop culture (such as anime, video games, and pop music “idols”). (Sorry, we need a representative group who can tell us if a feature is “too Japanese” for an American audience.)

Target age and lifestyle demographics:

1. Groups C & D : High School Students

High school students (age 16 or older). 6-7 females and 3-4 males per group, total 10 per group.

If you are interested in being a group leader, please e-mail us_survey at [url removed, login to view] with the following information:

1. Your name

2. Your age

3. E-mail

4. Your telephone number

5. Are you a high school student? Yes / NO

6. Do you live in Boston? Yes / No


- Yoshi Shimanaka

Skills: Marketing, Recruitment, Social Networking

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