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My budget is very low for this project, so please only bid if you can do it within the budget, which is listed at the bottom.

I need to have a simple piece of software developed that checks domain registrations on one particular foreign domain registrar WHOIS site. I have a lot of domains registered at this foreign domain registrar. Their site is very simple and does NOT have captcha.

So here's what the software needs to do:

1.) It needs to be able to either use a list of domains I either paste in or that it accesses from an excel spreadsheet (from one column), and the software will need to automatically remove the .xyz from the end of all the domain names. (If this can't be done in the software, I can use a 'find and replace' to get rid of the .xyz at the end (.xyz is not the actual domain extension, just an example). But I would really like it if the software could access one column of an excel spreadsheet I maintain (actually a few different ones), and that the software could remove the .xyz from all the domains automatically before it starts checking each domain on the webpage.

2.) Once the software has the list of domains to check (which will have to all the .xyz's removed from the ends of the domains - either by the software doing it, or by me using find/replace to get rid of them before I paste the list into the software), then it will need to check each domain on this particular WHOIS webpage, which again, does NOT have captcha. The webpage just has a button you click after you type (or paste) the domain into the search box.

3.) When the software checks each domain on this webpage, it will get back one of these RESULTS:

RESULT A: It will show who the domain is registered to. And in this case, all my domains show the exact same name, my name as the domain owner. I need the software to keep a list of all domains that show any other name but mine. I don't need the list of names. I just need a list of every domain from my list that does not have my name as the owner (which shows exactly the same on every domain I own there). So the software will need to give me a list of every domain from my list that is NOT registered to me.

RESULT B: If the domain is NOT registered to anyone, the webpage will say this: "This domain does not exist." I need the software to give me a list of every domain that generates this message when queried on the webpage.

RESULT C: If the domain has been 'registered' but not 'confirmed' (the confirmation link in the registration confirmation email has NOT been clicked), then the webpage will say this when a domain is queried: "This domain is Mark as Requested." I need the software you create to give me a list of every domain that generates this message.

Note: I use Google Chrome which auto-translates these messages from their original language into English. Since the software will see the original language on the webpage, you'll probably need to program in the message in that original language (which is not English), but I'm giving you the English language equivalents above.

So this is pretty much all the software needs to do. It's possible that a query could generate some other message than the three possibilities I mentioned above, and I'd like if the software could keep a list of any domains that generate some other message, but I'm not yet sure what other result is possible. (As of now, the only results I know of are that (a.) the domain will be registered - to me or someone else, (b.) the domain query will generate this response: "This domain does not exist." (in the particular foreign language), or (c.) the domain query will generate this response: "This domain is Mark as Requested." (in the particular foreign language).

So I'll need the software to create four lists from my original list of domains:

- Domains that are registered to me.

- Domains that are registered to someone else.

- Domains that say: "This domain is Mark as Requested." (in that other language).

- Domains that say: "This domain is Mark as Requested." (in that other language).

That's it.

If you post on the project message board, I can send you the link to the WHOIS page where these domain searches will take place.

And like I said, if it's possible for me to just tell the software which excel file (.xlsx) I'm using, and you can just program in for it to always check the second column, that would be ideal. If you could also make it so the software would auto-remove the .xyz IF it is shown on each domain, that would also be great. I have one list of domains that has the .xyz (which is the same domain extension on every domain), and I have one list that does NOT have the .xyz included on each domain. So if the software could remove the .xyz automatically IF IT'S THERE, that would be great (since it must be removed to do the query on the webpage). On both of my excel spreadsheets, the domain column is the second column, so that would stay the same. The only thing different on the two lists is that one list has the .xyz (not the actual domain extension) at the end of every domain, and the other list does not.

So if you post saying you can do this job, please specify whether I will need to paste in a list (and if so, whether I will need to do a find/replace to first get rid of the .xyz at the end); or whether I just tell it what excel spreadsheet to check, and it will use the second column of the spreadsheet and auto-remove the .xyz at the end of every domain if it's there (.xyz is at the end of all the domains on one list, but not the other list).

So please let me know in your post which option you can do, whether I'll need to paste in the list (after first doing a find/replace), or whether you can make the software check excel spreadsheets and auto-remove the .xyz if it's shown at the end of each domain.

I also need to make sure this software can process a huge list with many thousands of domains. I'll need to know what the list limit is. It should be at least 10,000, but hopefully, you can make it unlimited, so it'll work with any size list, even up to 100,000 or so.

And I'm assuming the software will create four simple text files (on my desktop) for the different results listed above. If that's not what you have in mind, please specify how the software would deliver the results.

Hopefully, I've thought of everything this software needs to do. But I'd like you to bid on this knowing I may have 1-3 small changes, additions, in case I've forgotten something.

I can put the project funds in escrow on Monday, Jan. 23, when I select a developer. But I need to have this project done for no more than $35.

And please only bid if you know you have the capabilities to do it. I know the budget is very low. But I want to make sure that whoever I select to do this project has a lot of experience creating software and the necessary skill to do it right the first time - for no more than $35.



Skills: Anything Goes, Software Architecture, Website Management

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