Socket server development / Mentoring


Assistance/mentoring required

I am presently developing a socket server application in C++ which will run on a Windows server to accept raw TCP connections from remote hardware devices and move data between these devices and an ODBC database. Ultimately, the DB will be shared with an app developed in Alpha Anywhere, Iron Speed Designer or similar to serve up the information to users via the web. The app will also use Twilio or similar to make and receive SMS messages and phone calls.

I am progressing with development work myself but, with a background more in electronics rather than software, I find that I can get stuck on what are probably fairly basic issues. After a great deal of Googling and reading, I have concluded that I need someone whom I can call apon to help when I need assistance. This may involve remotely logging in to my machine using Teamviewer and working with me when I need to resolve an issue.

Presently, I am having trouble setting up a Visual Studio 2010 Express solution on my development machine (64 bit) to compile and link to Curl, Openssl and ssh2lib libraries. I am trying to run the example C++ application from the Twilio web site. Also, I am getting side by side errors when I try to run executeables so I have a problem with the manifests.

Some more details about the project:

1. Socket server uses Winsock2 IO Completion Ports for scalability

2. Proprietary protocol between remote devices and the server app via raw TCP connections

3. ODBC connection to database to give me a level of abstraction from the choice of DB

4. Twilio is required for SMS send/receive and a phone call to trigger the remote device (dynamic IP address) to establish a link back to the server. API requires the app to initiate HTTP(S) POST requests and return valid XML documents containing TwiML.

5. OS on server on which the application will run is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition 64 bit

The person would need a sound knowledge of:

Visual Studio 2010

C & C++

Windows manifests

A knowledge of the following would also be useful:

The Twilio API

HTTPS POST from C++ code


Short listed applicants would need to be prepared to respond to a questionaire regarding experience and past projects via an audio recording prepared by the person with whom I would be in communication with.

You will also need to be prepared to conduct any phone communications during business hours east coast Australia time.

My objective is to get productive in as short a time as possible rather than spending lots of time asking questions on forums etc. With this objective in mind, I would consider using (or starting with) an existing project or handing over the development so long as I am able to compile the final application myself from source and I am confident that the solution will be robust.

Thanks in advance.

Skills: C++ Programming, Microsoft, Software Architecture

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