Update/Import Products in Prestashop Database based on CSV File

First of all, let me tell you that this is the second time i am posting this project now. The first time i had a dispute with a freelancer which just did lie on me and let me wait for many weeks just to find out that he did not do anything till today for my project. Therefore, please just bid on this project if you are serious, are having the knowledge and the time. Would be a good idea to find someone also for future projects.

However, this is just a very small project, which is just involving data of a csv file (locally) and a mysql prestashop database which is hosted externally. It is simple like that, i just want to include also some error logs and two different options for updating, just to avoid any problems which can happen during the update procedure, here are the details:

General Information:

The offline shop is having for example 8000 products in it, the prestashop is having much less, lets say 1000 articles in it, therefore it is not necessary to update and check all the items every time. The source for the product details is/are always the csv file(s). Therefore my idea is to have two update options like this:

* Update Option 1: Full Update - the prestashop database is the source for the productlist. Every product of the prestashop(mysql) database should be taken and checked if there is a corresponding one in the csv file, if there is one, update the product with the details of the csv file, if not, log the product number (because there is then something wrong, this should not happen, because all the product in the webshop have to be also in the csv file). This will include a [url removed, login to view] file which includes all the items which are available in the offline shop (just a part of them will be in the webshop, but this part is out of the "full-file")

* Update Option 2: Partial Update - there are not so many products which are being sold within one day, therefore it is much more efficient to just update what has been changed. therefore, here will be the same csv file available, with the same structure, just one difference, there are just the products included which have been sold within the last day or hour, ... depends on the update intervall, however, about this you dont have to care, also it does not matter for the partial update if there are products in the csv file which have been updated in the last update procedure as well, will not have any [url removed, login to view], there has to be a check if there is a corresponding product in the webshop, if yes, update the product, if not log the product.

* Additional Option 3: If there are new products, they should be created in the webshop with status disabled (that the user cannot see them till images have been added manually later on) and of course using the details from the csv file.

For all these updates there should be a simple filter for products which should have the same stock all the time, independent if the stock has been changed or not. For Example product reference codes with the prefix "xy_" should have all the time stock quantity of 10 pieces, thats it.

Of course there should be a gui to use for the updates, but there should be also a possibility to update automatically, which means parameters should be included to use the updates unattended.

Key is always the reference code, There should be also a logfile for any update which has been done.

I prefer to have an executable written in c# running on the local windows computer, if there are good reasons for a php based application please just let me know.

IMPORTANT is, that you are having knowledge about prestashop database, it is not difficult, but then you already know the relations of the db.

I will deliver the mysql database, the csv file(s) and also a prestashop database scheme.

So, basically it is just a csv file to mysql file update with a filter, logfiles and checks.

Hopefully all details are clear, if not, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Skills: MySQL, Prestashop, Software Architecture

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