Need a PDF/Javascript Expert to make Printing a pdf have predefined setting


There will be 2 button on top of my Online CV: Print and Download. Both using the same pdf (or a duplicate of) Downloading ========- The downloaded PDF must have a magnifier/zoom of 75% when opened (default zoom on many PDF viewer is 130% which is way too big) Printing ======- - Print action should print that pdf directly, not an html rendered page - It should also bypass any print preview. The Print preview feature should be blocked completely (its normal for a dialog to popup to confirm the print, but no preview should be seen) *User (employers in this case) should also not be able to manually use the Print Preview from his browser menus. - Page Setup of the printed pdf should be automatically set to: Black and white, Shrink to Fit, No annotation (header/footer), Letter size, Portrait orientation, (and no margin if possible) Reason for the no preview is to prevent the employer to think that printing a pdf with some graphic in it is a non-sense. The final printing doesn't take that much ink, but at first view, it might scare the employer seeing too much black and discourage him from printing it. Here's a copy of that pdf: [url removed, login to view] As you can see, there is a little bit more graphic than a usual CV. but print it and you will see that its not that much an issue. How to ? YOU HAVE TO KNOW I know this can be done, as I read on [url removed, login to view] and many other programming related website (see links below). It seems that some use javascript and/or a mix of iframe code into the webpage, some use javascript imbedded into the PDF, i've also heard about PDF feature called "named action", some use java applets like jPDFPrint, or any combination of those.. There a multiple way to achieve this, but it clearly is not something I can do, and I require someone specialized in web printing and such.

Skills: PDF, Software Architecture

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