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  • nareshphuloria Profile Picture


    New Delhi,  India

    I have more than 8+ years of experience in web programming, mobile application development, building database driven websites, development of software processes and applications and research projects in leading Technologies. My core competency lies in complete ASP.NET and C#.NET, WCF, MVC, MVVM, Silverlight, WPF, Java and iOS. I am an analytical thinker and have solid programming skills, demonstrated proficiency in leading and monitoring individuals to maximum levels of productivity, while forming cohesive team environment. I am available for hire as a freelancer on any independent or team tasks.

  • TheReportDoctor Profile Picture


    United States

    Objective: Develop, enhance, and support high quality data systems with optimized code and tools. Skill Summary >>Salesforce.com * Years: 25% of my responsibility for 3 years. * Level of Expertise (10 best): Data Integration = 9, APEX = 8 , VisualForce = 6 * Accomplishments: Developed and supported a sales integration project management system for opportunities using GANTT project methodologies. Developed the data integration between Salesforce.com and Microsoft SQL Server. * Not Included: Security, Administration, and Chatter. >> Microsoft SQL Server * Years: 12 years * Level of Expertise (10 best): Stored Procedures = 9, ETL = 9, Query Optimization: = 9, and Data Modeling = 10 * Accomplishments: Processed 10's of millions of records in loads and logical processing, high on data quality, and built a ton of scripts for reporting. * Not Included: Security, administration, server configuration, or memory optimization. >> SSIS * Years: 4 years. * Level of Expertise (10 best): Package Development = 8, Package Deployment = 6 * Accomplishments: Create C# Script Task for non-conforming source files, and importing an EBCDIC source. * Not Included: Server memory management, or create data cubes. >> SSRS * Years: 5 years * Level of Expertise (10 best): Custom reports = 10, Cube reports = 8, Drill Down = 8, and Drill Through = 6 * Accomplishments: Created individual reports that used original source data from various applications. * Not Included: Customizing report behavior with C#.NET. >> Microsoft Access * Years: 18 years * Level of Expertise (10 best): VBA = 10+, Classes = 8, Tables = 10+, Queries = 10+, Reports = 10+, Macros = 10 +, ADP = 6 * Accomplishments: Settling 1 Billion dollars in Credit Card transaction daily, processing audit checks on 40 million mortgages a night, building budget and forecast models for a manufactures 1,000 products' Bill of Materials based on the impact of commodity trends, and created a commercial CRM sold to Bible Colleges across the United States. * Not Included: Using Microsoft Access on SharePoint. Ecolab (Data Audit and Correction), November 2012 - February 2013 * Integration: Created SSIS packages to integrate data from AS/400 EBCDIC, JDE, and SAP into MS-SQL Server. * Data: Debugged many SQL Stored Procedures used to report the details of cost and budgets for manufactured products by breaking down their bill of materials and analyzing the future impact of market commodities on those cost and budgets. * MS-Access: Developed the front-end to the budget system that calculated the commodity impact to the Bill of Materials for the annual budget. Hamline University (Data Analyst), August 2012 - current * Integration: Designed and developed Talend/Java scripts to clean and convert various vendor supplied data for importing into the school's CRM system. * MS-Access: Created a reporting tool that cross-tabbed the enrollment funnel with information from a cloud database. Onvoy Voice Services (Data Process Programmer), June 30, 2008 - July 2012 * Integration: Developed SSIS/ETL application including writing Script Tasks in C#. Evaluated solutions for interfacing SQL Server with Salesforce.com, discovered, installed, and developed with DBAmp and tuned applications to minimize transactions between the server and cloud. * Salesforce.com: Created a sales integration project management system for opportunities using APEX triggers and classes, and VisualForce. * Reports: Wrote many SSRS reports using creativity and complex languages like MDX. * Data: Developed solutions for processing and reporting on a million call records a day. Heavy work on data quality evaluation and process speed improvements. Work included the traditional SQL server and cloud database work with Salesforce.com. * Accomplishments: Took a 3 hour batch job down to under 10 minutes. Developed the model for linking legs of a call into one summary record. Customized salesforce.com with a project workflow solution for assigning and tracking project steps and teams. * MS-Access: Supported applications that tracked the telephone assets and 911 mapping for phones. RBC Dain Rauscher (SQL Engineer), October 15, 2007 - June 27, 2008 * Data: Developed a T-SQL Stored Procedure that ran in under 10 minutes that tracked House Holding History for 10 million customers. * Accomplishments: Created prefect logic in a Stored Procedure that ran in record time and opened opportunities for the data warehouse to track where the "money" came from in a historical dimension. E Group (Data Analyst), June 12, 2007 - October 12, 2007 * Reports: Write dynamic drill-down marketing reports in ASP and JavaScript. * Data: Developed online reporting solution with a drill-down dimension on incentive points and transactions for multiple customers across multiple contract agreements. * Accomplishments: Developed a sales booth data collection system that became the corporate-wide solution for 3M. Research and established the standards for the custom in-house email solution used by one of their larger popular customers for delivering over 3 million marketing messages a year. * MS-Access: Created a dynamic booth data collection tool for gathering new customer leads. This product was re-sold and became the standard for 3M and American Red Cross. CHS, Inc (Formally Cenex) (SQL/VB Developer), August 8, 2006 - May 15, 2007 * Crystal Reports: Updated existing Crystal Reports. * Data: In-house CRM online solution, electronic data collection system, and the sales results cube. * Accomplishments: Developed a dynamic MDX interface for tracking sales trend via an online interface. * MS-Access: Updated, converted, and enhanced all MS-Access applications in the company for stability. Adolfson & Peterson Construction (Data Analyst), July 19, 2006 - August 7, 2006 * Reports: Worked with SSRS to write SQL for reports across multiple vendor applications. * Data: Vendor based Project Management system and a vendor based accounting system. Developed the model and standards for reporting data across the two systems in a single report interface. * Accomplishments: Allowed the client to report instant data on a project's progress, cost, and outstanding estimates so they could manage their profit opportunities better. Wells Fargo Bank (Software Quality Assurance), June 20, 2005 - July 14, 2006 * Data: All banking records including ATM, Teller, Safety Deposit Boxes, Vault, Internet Interface, and Phone CTI system. * Accomplishments: Oversaw testing of new releases and pushed the system to handle and complete 7,000 transactions a minute. MindWare (Data Cleansing and Conversion), February 21, 2005 - June 17, 2005 * Data: Converted 1 million customer records from a flat non-relational database to a vendor relational system. * Accomplishments: Evaluated the vendor data structure and found erroneous assumptions. Worked with the vendor to update their structure. Converted the records including single name fields to First and Last names. The Lacek Group (Data Analyst), August 24, 2004 - March 4, 2005 * Data: Reported on the marketing trends of 5 million car rental a month. * Accomplishments: Wrote a VBScript batch job that downloaded the monthly feed, evaluated the data quality, reported errors or proceeded to load the records into the database. Wrote MS-SQL queries to statically evaluate marketing trends and A/B testing. * MS-Access: Created an ETL Job control dashboard for managing data movement, quality, and imports. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (Software Quality Assurance), May 3, 2004 - June 11, 2004 * Data: In-house CRM system * Accomplishments: Did QA testing for a complicated CRM system that tracked potential business clients and their officers. The system also tracked the officers' career history. GMAC/RFC (Financial Data Analyst), October 17, 2003 - April 2, 2004 * MS-Access: Created a database to analyze Real Estate flip sales and margins. * Data: Created the report for analyzing Real Estate Marketing Data * Accomplishments: Wrote an open custom interface where the client could bring in various data sources from local and web locations into one database for financial analysis of industry trends and opportunities. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (Data Auditor), September 23, 2002 - September 12, 2003 * MS-Access: Created a database as a front-end to Sybase for automatically auditing 40 Million mortgages a night. * Data: Reported on operational risks found in 40 Million Mortgage Records. * Accomplishments: Wrote a batch routine to process and evaluate 40 Million mortgage records from their Data Warehouse nightly in less than 1 hour. Wrote an interface that was used with Business Objects to report operational processes and KPI goal statuses. Ramsey County (Process Analyst), October 1, 2001 - March 31, 2002 * Data: The property records of Ramsey County. * Accomplishments: Write a web application that allowed customers to customize the data they wanted from the property records and then download 10 million records in less than 10 minutes. JJ Hill Library (Developer), August of 2001 * Data: Online business sources. * Accomplishments: Wrote an interface for a many-to-many structure to save the administrator from having to make duplicate entries across systems. Nextel Partners (SQL Developer), August 8, 2001 - December 31, 2001 * MS-Access: Enhanced and supported the sales commission database for Nextel salesmen and third-party salesmen. * Data: Reported on sales commission, orders, and workflow. * Accomplishments: Wrote processes for improving usability of the data systems and customized creative solutions. US Bank (Systems Analyst/Team Lead), May 15, 2000 - October 30, 2000 * MS-Access: Developed and supported applications to collect Credit Card transactions and settle them by posting transactions in Hogan (the ERP system) for USBank to the tune of $1 billion dollars a day. * Data: Settled 1 billion dollars in daily credit card transactions * Accomplishments: De-complied 38 applications, documented and enhanced them, enabled them to fine missing "pennies", and cut their daily losses from sloppy errors from $300,000 to under $30,000.

  • sritechnocrat Profile Picture


    Lucknow,  India

    Sri Technocrat offers a software services to its clients seeking customized software solutions. Be it complete office automation or database driven solutions, Sri Technocrat is the one stop solution center for all your software requirements. We provide you with customized software at competitive prices with free training and support. Vision To be counted amongst top software giants. Mission Quality, reliability and dependability be associated with every product we deliver. Management The company is managed by engineering graduates having formal training in software development. Technical and Management skill is provided by graduates of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Services Research team at Sri Technocrat works towards implementation of clients projects. The service is apart from applications which are fined tuned to customer requirement. Over and above training and full documentation, Sri Technocrat provides round the clock help and support on all its products and applications.

  • j2eesoafree Profile Picture


    Chennai,  United States

    java j2ee, web service, bpel, xml, web technologies, application server, websphere, weblogic, oc4j, jboss, tomcat

  • winnet21 Profile Picture


    Tam Ky, QNam,  Vietnam

    Hi all ! I have experience with web app, desktop app, Data Processing, Mobile App... I using delphi,lazarus, php, asp , .net Database : Ms Access , Sql Server, Mysql, Oracle, Paradox... I already have software packaged : 1. Software for repair shop 2. Software for restaurant 3. Software for clock in with rfid 4. POS for gold, diamond, watch, repair, scrap gold 5. Money tranfer database 6. Sales and Inventory Look forward to working with you!! Best regards Winnet

  • ibapi Profile Picture


    Hyderabad,  India

    Freelancer with a difference. When i bid on your project, its a bid for a new relationship with the promise of a lifetime support.

  • oplalchandani Profile Picture


    Pune,  India

    A Level 20 Freelancer with Following Skills:-- Programming/Technical Writing/Technical Architect/ N/w, DB, Sys administratorAnalyst DWH/ProgrammingStatistics -- R/JMP/SAS/SPSS. I work directly and I am not an agent. Please note that abusive and cheat employers like hussssar, Yuvan31 and Ranjanarch have been penalized by FL vide ticket #HLM-492-71666. I would not start work if advance is not paid upfront IF YOU USE FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE I WILL IMMEDIATELY REPORT TO AUTHORITIES. ONE SUCH CHEAT FREELANCE EMPLOYER WAS ARRESTED FOR ABUSING AND NOT PAYING DUES. FREELANCERS ARE NOT SLAVES SO JUST BEWARE OF USING ABUSES!!

  • rakib062 Profile Picture


    dhaka,  Bangladesh

    I love challenging and innovative projects which needs some R&D. I always try to write most optimized and efficient code, follow standard architecture, best software methodologies and design patterns. Coding is the most enjoyable work to me.

  • thetechrise Profile Picture


    Lucknow,  India

    The Techrise, a web designing and software development company, welcomes you with the top class IT solutions. Building Relationship and Customer-satisfaction is our main goal; therefore we provide exceptional quality work so our customer gets 100% satisfaction.

  • k0der Profile Picture


    khulna,  Bangladesh

    we have a little company you can offer us any time we can proved our skill in lower rate also quality full work ty