Clickatell SMS triggered by SMTP


I have a Clickatell SMS gateway account and I need to send pre-defined SMS messages using their API (HTML or SMTP). They do not allow me to store pre-defined messages to be sent, I have to send the message each time in the API string.

I receive emails into my IMAP account from small devices in multiple locations. These emails tell me if the power is off or if the temperature is too high. Within the received email I can see which device is telling me what information.

I need a script that checks the email on a regular basis (1 minute or so) and can send a pre-determined email or make a HTML Get request depending on which device is telling me what.

For example;

Device 1 = Power at 123 Main Street

Device 2 = Thermostat at 456 East Road

Device 3 = Power at 456 East Road

If email received contains the words "Power" "123" "Main Street" then send the email "The power at 123 Main Street has gone off" to xyx email address.

If email received contains the words "Power" "456" "East Street" then send the email "The power at 456 East Street has gone off" to abc email address.

The emails will actually contain my Clickatell SMS gateway details which I am required to include with each email, so please do not worry too much about sending the correct content.

I can edit scripts in text editors, so as long as the coding is clear, I should be able to add other trigger words into the code with their related email address to send to and message to send.

I would also like the option to instead of sending the email, make a HTML POST/GET request to a pre-defined string.

Clickatell have their API information openly available on their website and can also give you a developer account to use for testing (up to 10 messages).

If the script has a front end such as PHP connected to a database, even better, but I don't want to over-complicate this, and I am comfortable editing a script file instead of using a GUI front end in my browser.

I am unsure how the script will run. I have web hosting and also access to a NAS that runs in a server environment. I can also give up the use of a Mac to run this if it monitors an email server on the Mac or even the [url removed, login to view] programme, however I would prefer something low processing power, simple, that isn't likely to crash. Suggestions on where the script would run and how it will trigger (cron job every minute?) are appreciated in your bids.

OpenSource architecture preferred. I don't mind paying for your time to use OpenSource software available for this project, and I'd rather you used something open than proprietary anyway.

The most important things to me are ease of editing the script to add more devices and emails into it, well coded and robust scripts and assistance in full testing and installation onto a suitable platform with your advice.

Skills: Software Architecture

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