Expand a Data Wipe Solution Developed from another vworker to include capture of IP address of machine wiping HDD


We developed a solution to Wipe HDD's based on the open source DBAN program.....? It works fine, but we want to expand the software to now capture a couple additional pieces of information and record them to the DB along with what it is recording.....? I can send email of the entire development thread, final running ISO and development files and code... My original coder is no longer responding to emails, for 6 months so I need to move on to somone else that can complete these enhancements... Everything stays the same except we want to store one additional field in the DB in addition to all other fields... we want to capture the IP address of the machine updating the DB and store it in a field called "IPADDR" a NCHAR(20) in table "HDDWIPE" Simple I hope.... can you please provide an estimate of cost to code this change? and make the appropriate revision number to the Application so we can make sure we get the "old" versions discarded and new ones in... i think we were like on 1.6 or something like that.... One more thought in addition the above requested Change.... If the Serial of the HDD is found in one of the other 2 tables it searches for the serial, your application currently sets the field "updatedinassets" in table "HDDWIPE" I would like to get the CustomerID of they record it is found in and update the "HDDWIPE" table with the "value" of the CustomerID field in the record the Serial is found to a new field in the "HDDWIPE" table labeled "CustomerID" NCHAR(30) If the record isn't found, then the bit would be set to false like before, then record a default value of "NoRecord" in the "CustomerID" field in the table "HDDWIPE" thx Options... Hi, Some questions: 1. Where is the version number? 2. Where do I get the CustomerID field from? Best Regards, Dave Posting # 42,890,809 on Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 8:29:51 PM EDT by ATRECYCLE. CustomerID is in the table SF06 and the table Assets under the field CustomerID.... the change would be, f the record exist, then it updates the status, to also update the CustomerID field in the HDDWipe table with the value from the other table the record was found in, i.e. copy the CustomerID from the assets or SF06 ro CustomerID in HDDWipe... so we know who's Hard Drive it was that was wiped... as well as capturing the IP of the machine it was wiped on.... thx

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