Space Runner: Implementing Multiplayer: Stage 1



Changes to spritesn-------------------------------------------n * Shrink people to 1/4th their current size.n * People on your team go in the top right of a square, facing towards you.n * People on other team go in the bottom left of a square, facing away from you.n +-----+n | O |n | X |n +-----+ nnMovement requirementsn * People can move diagonally.n * People can go through your team, but can't end up on the same space as another one of your own team.n * People can go through other team, but moves at 25% of it normal [url removed, login to view] Player Moden-------------------------------------------nEach player is specified by a different URL on the same server (or should it be a cookie?).nnStep 1 - Each player sets orders and clicks "go".nStep 2 - Server notices all players have clicked "go".nStep 3 - Server resolves what [url removed, login to view] 4 - Server sends back to each player a complete "description" of what [url removed, login to view] code between client and [url removed, login to view] parts; verifying orders and resolving [url removed, login to view] is checking if an order is valid. This can easily be shared between server and client. Basically a function call which return "valid" or "invalid" - and maybe a path for a valid [url removed, login to view] verifying order code should be decoupled from MelonJS as it should run on both server and client. This probably means the map loading should be decouple too?nnResolving is more complicated. All resolution is done on the server and calculated as fast as possible (not real time). The server should then send a description of the resolution to the client. This should be a list of things which happened at a given time. IEn * At t+43 - Object A moved from pos (X1, Y1) to (X2, Y2)n * At t+55 - Object A took 5 damagen * At t+57 - Object A's property A changes to Bn * At t+66 - Object A activated Console Cn * At t+77 - New Object B appears at pos (X3, Y3)nnThe client is really just a fancy animation engine when displaying the resolution.

Skills: Game Design, Javascript

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