Dolphin 7 programmer need to create social networking site


I am in need of creating a social networking site, which I anticipate being done not from scratch using joomla or drupal, but using an existing modular type software platform such as Dolphin 7.? I am in need of customization, with several applications which are seemingly simple but might be unique to this site.? For example:? I want members to be able to rate other members posts and that rating be reflected by the color that appears as an icon on each members page.? So, with the highest rating of 10, an icon on the members page will be white, an average rating of 9 will turn the icon purple, an average rating of 8 will turn the icon gold, etc. ?

A second customization will require a world map which will reflect membership throughout the world with the map taking on a different color in the area where the member registered.? So the entire map may start off as white and turn a red color when and where a member has registered.?

Next, the site will include a commerce component (Pay Pal?), have an affiliates component , as well as being affiliated with Amazon, or Barns and Nobel, or some such book seller.?

Besides selling products through the above mentioned mechanisms the real goal is to promote discussions between members on ideas surrounding the concept of love.? ? There will be authors of spiritual and other types of material dealing with LOVE, who will be featured members and who other members will have access to through the various communication applications on the site.? The greater the number of ways to communicate and track threads of communication the better.? I believe that Dolphin by Boonex will provide a communication module type program which can be easily customized along the parameters described above.

Skills: Engineering, Project Management, Software Architecture, Software Testing, System Admin, User Interface / IA, Visual Arts

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